Takuma Kurebayashi

Takuma Kurebayashi is a anime/manga character in the Hell Girl franchise
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Takuma is one of character that appear in Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori.


Takuma is a young boy who lived in Lovely Hills. He is a kind and quite boy who always misunderstood and bullied often by his fellow townsfolk. The townsfolk believe that he's the "Devil's Child", which it was similar to Enma Ai back when she was in her village.


  • Episode 14 :
Takuma made his first role at episode 14.
Takuma saw Kikuri drawing
Takuma saw Kikuri drawing
Takuma was find Kikuri drawing on the street and later take her in. When he and Kikuri go to his room, Takuma find Kikuri drawing and Kikuri tell Takuma that she draw someone who killed. Takuma told her that it wasn't a good thing. And Kikuri told Takuma that it is something he want and Kikuri then told Takuma that she was talking about Jigoku Tsuushin. As Takuma surprised, his mother came to give them drinks and notice that Kikuri is gone. As Takuma surprised, he was thought that Kikuri was the Hell Girl.
After then, at midnight, Takuma check on the site again. Although he still haven't type any name yet. As in the morning, Takuma was told by his father to stay home. When he was on his room, Kikurin suddenly appear and gave him a paper that written "Kurin Takuma is a Demon's Child".
Takuma looking at the paper
Takuma looking at the paper
Seeing this, Takuma is sad. As the night come, Takuma's family was about to move out and Takuma is seen with Kikurin. When they are talking, they suddenly hear someone has breaking their window. When Takuma's father went to check on it, his mother also told Takuma to stay and suddenly shot by an arrow to her neck.
His father then surprised by this and Takuma quickly off to check outside. He found many arrows lying on the ground and later follow it as he found a bow gun. He was seen by a man when he was holding it. Later in the morning, they goes to ceremony of her mother's death, hearing people talk about him that he was suspect that he is the murder.When Kakinuma goes outside, Takuma saw him talking with a woman that tells Kakinuma that he is the one who killed Takuma's mother like he killed her baby. Takuma surprised and he tell his father that Kakinuma is the one who killed his mother.
Hearing this, Takuma's father don't believe it and told Takuma just leave it to the police. And when the night comes, Takuma is out of patient and finally enter Kakinuma's name on the site for revenge.
Takuma returns the doll
Takuma returns the doll
Enma Ai then come and gave him the doll. Kikurin told him that its a bad thing. As Enma Ai about to return home, Takuma stop her and told her that he change his mind. He later then go downstair and called the police to come. He later then found his father visiting Kakinuma's house, and Takuma then saw them fighting. Surprised by this, Takuma quickly go there and found his father already bleeding.
When Kakinuma was about to kill Takuma, Kakinuma suddenly disappear cause someone has send him to hell. As the police arrive, Takuma was suspect that he's the one who behind all of this. The polices then take Takuma for investigate, and later Takuma saw Kikurin smiling on him.
Voiced by
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Ayumi Fujimura
Kanako Sakai
General Information Edit
Name: Takuma Kurebayashi
Name: 紅林 拓真
Romanji: Kurebayashi Takuma
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Hell Girl: two mirrors #14
1st anime movie:
Aliases Devil's Child
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