Taking Orders From You Kinda Ticks Me Off!!! What Do You Mean, Kinda?!!

Taking Orders From You Kinda Ticks Me Off!!! What Do You Mean, Kinda?!! is an anime episode of Good Luck Girl! that was released on 07/18/2012
Binbogami ga!
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Ichiko decides to make Tsuwabaki, the boy she sits next to, her boyfriend. After a visit to his home, however an argument over money all but ruins that proposition. Ichiko tries to get back at him through his brother, which leads to an unexpected outcome.
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Plot Summary

"Run along back to the flat plains"
"Run along back to the flat plains"

Sakura reads Suwano's letter leisurely where Suwano tells her to say hello to Momiji and when she comes home, she sees Momiji being a couch potato. Momiji tells Sakura to be grateful since her device prevents Sakura from draining everyone's fortune. Sakura hits the device with a bat, and the device hits Bobby who falls down. When Sakura mocks Momiji's breasts, the two fight until Sakura throws Momiji out of the window. After Momiji is gone, Sakura reads Suwano who tells her to get friends. At school, Sakura wonders about who can be a friend, and when she hears one of the girls talk about a boyfriend. Keita wakes up, and Sakura sees he is handsome. Though, Keita asks her for if she wants ketchup and goes back to sleep. Sakura is excited about the idea that Keita can be her boyfriend and that she can lean on others. Meanwhile, Momiji is disgust about how Sakura misunderstands by listening to her inner thoughts via Hell Bunny Ears. With school over, Sakura finds Keita gone, and his ID on the floor. Spotting an opportunity, she thinks about how this show can become a romantic comedy.

"We don&squot;t want your money!"
"We don't want your money!"

However, she arrives to a rundown apartment, and Sakura hands Keita's ID to him. Keita invites Sakura for dinner, and Sakura is surprised how many brothers and sisters Keita has. During dinner, the children bicker until Rika tells them to behave. Sakura's conscience goes over the facts and tells Sakura to reject Keita. She asks Keita what has happened to his parents; Keita replies that his parents run away to hunt for treasure. He has been working overtime to support his family, and Sakura states that she will not live a life like that. Keita tells her that being together is all that matters. Sakura tells him that money makes things a lot better, and she throws cash all over the table. Rika stops them from touching the money, and Keita gathers and throws the cash at Sakura's bosom. Mika and Sorata cry, and Momiji tells Sakura that she is horrible while stealing a bit of cash. Moments later, Momiji tells Sakura that she is morally bankrupt and selfish. Arriving to the convenience store, Sakura finds Ryuuta, and when she sees Ryuuta wants to buy a card, Sakura buys Ryuuta a card. She thinks she can buy the affection of the siblings which makes Keita apologize to him.

Ichiko saves Ryuuta's life
Ichiko saves Ryuuta's life

Ryuuta is happy that he has the card, but he is worry about his older brother. Then, the wind blows his cards into a drainage. Ryuuta goes in to get his card, but he finds drainage grate closed on him. During the rain, Keita finds out his brother is missing, and he asks Sakura if she sees Ryuuta. Sakura mentions that she has bought a card for Ryuuta, and Keita pays back the card. He explains that he has bought hand me downs, old games, and such for his siblings. Keita wants to be a good example to them while not depending on others. After he is gone, Momiji puts the bunny ears on Sakura who hears Ryuuta. Momiji tells Sakura that she can use her fortune to save the boy, and Sakura hesitantly goes off to save the boy. Before she does, she kicks Momiji for ordering her. By the river, Keita spots Ryuuta, but he loses Ryuuta who falls into the river. Sakura jumps in and saves the boy, and with fortune released, the log falls over and saves the two. As teh two brother reunite, Sakura is at a loss of words when Keita and Ryuuta thank her. Momiji arrives and asks Sakura to give her fortune. Once Sakura breaks Momiji's gadgets, the two get into an argument.

Points of Interest

  • Keita Tsuwabuki and his family makes their official debut. Though, Sakura mentions Keita appeared in episode 1, but he was sleeping at the time.
  • Suwano is only seen in a photograph in this episode, but he is voiced in the narration of his letter at the beginning.


  • Gadget of Misfortune: Energy Barrier Creating Apparatsu
  • Hell Bunny Ears is another gadget.


  • Lupin the 3rd - After Sakura throws Momiji out of the back door, Momiji is seen wearing Lupin the 3rd's clothes and wig.
  • Naruto - Sakura wears a shinobi attire with a Hidden Leaf Forehead protector/headband.
  • To Love Ru - When Sakura is thinking about Keita potentially being her boyfriend a slightly different version of the To Love Ru logo appears.

Non-Anime References

  • When Sakura bats away Momiji's fortune device, She is wearing a Baseball uniform similar to Seattle Mariners star Suzuki Ichiro. The only differences are that Sakura's uniform number was 15 while Ichiro's is 51.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Dialogue Altercations: Keita mentions his parents went to search for Atlantis in the manga version. Compared to the anime, Keita states they were looking for the treasure of Tokugawa.
  • Bobby did not appear in chapter 3, but he appears as a cameo in this episode.


  • Japanese Name: ""Omae ni Meirei Sareru no wa Nanka Haratatsu!!!" "Nankatte Nani!!?"" (「お前に命令されるのはなんか腹立つ!!!」「なんかって何!!?」)
  • Manga Chapter: Binbō-gami ga! #1 (Chapter 2)
  • Opening Theme: "Make my Day!" by Piko
  • Ending Theme: "Love Riot" by HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yoshiaki Sukeno Original Concept Yoshiaki Sukeno is the creator of Binbogami Ga!
Tomoyuki Kawamura Director Tomoyuki Kawamura is a Japanese anime episode director.


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