Takimaru is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Takimaru is the youngest member of the Gourmet Knights and is very good friends with the current leader Aimaru. He is also good friends with Toriko and Komatsu.


During his childhood, Takimaru was saved from a Gourmet World disease by his leader and the current leader of the Gourmet Knights Aimaru. Due to this, Takimaru is extremely loyal and grateful to Aimaru.


Takimaru is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the supporting characters for the series Toriko. He has no information about any inspirations or concept arts used by his creator.


Not much has changed about Takimaru since his introduction, however his views on Match and the Gourmet Yakuza was drastically changed.


Takimaru is a young man of fair height, a muscular build and light skin. He has black eyes and medium length black hair, which usually covers his left eye which is infected with trace amounts of an infection derived from the Gourmet World.


Aimaru - Most likely the person Takimaru respects the most. Aimaru saved his life and taught him the ways of the Gourmet Knights. Takimaru is willing to go to dangerous lengths to repay his debt to Aimaru.

Toriko - Takimaru gained a great deal of respect and admiration for Toriko during the events of the Century Soup arc

Match - While initially hostile towards one another given their different ideologies, Match and Takimaru gain each other's respect from their camaraderie during the Century Soup Arc. They later fight together in the Cooking Festival Arc as well.


Takimaru is a very respectful young man. He is humble but very passionate about what he feels he must do.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

He joins the expedition to retrieve the Century Soup in hopes of delivering it to his sick leader Aimaru. He winds up being on the same team as Toriko, Komatsu and Match. After arriving at Ice Hell, the group head to the Gourmet Show Window, where the Century Soup was located. But shortly after they arrived, members of the Bishokukai also arrived with the same intent and they fought over the right of the Century Soup.

Takimaru faced off against Bishokukai 5th Branch Chief Bogie Woods. Takimaru managed to put up a fight, but found his techniques were failing to affect Bogie Woods. This was due to Bogie Wood's unique bone structure, and having many of his bones dislocated did not impede his ability to fight. Eventually Takimaru tired and was vulnerable to a brutal beating from Bogie Woods. This led to the Bishokukai fighter getting cocky. He could have finished of Takimaru but instead took unnecessary risk by getting within Takimaru's effective range after the latter used the effectiveness enhancing Pre Shot Routine, and Takimaru managed to dislodge Bogie Woods' sacrum bone which was the only bone that could incapacitate the latter by being dislodged. Takimaru collapsed due to his injuries and exhaustion. Bogie Woods slowly recovered his strength, but before he could do anything, he was swallowed whole by his Superior Tommyrod's Parasite Emperor.

Shortly after, Saiseiya Teppei arrived and provided first aid to Takimaru and his allies, then National Treasure Setsuno came to rescue them as they had been stranded on the icy continent by their dishonest employer.

Cooking Festival Arc

Takimaru appears briefly with the Gourmet Knights alongside Match and the Gourmet Yakuza. They take on Bogie Woods, Barrygamon and other members of the Bishokukai.

Powers & Abilities

Sennuki Shot - By placing his hands on the opponent, Takimaru skillfully dislocates the victims bones.

Sennuki Shot Secret Technique: Cork Screw - Takimaru places his fists on the opponent's body but rather than dislocate the bones like Sennuki Shot, Takimaru dislodges the bone and shoots it out of the victim's body.

Sennuki Press - Takimaru strikes the opponent between his knee and elbows. The effect seemingly is knocking out the victim.

Pre Shot Routine - A method taught to Takimaru by Aimaru. By focusing, the user creates a mental image of the perfect technique. This increases the effectiveness of the technique but requires time to prepare and several body movements. This can perhaps be considered a lesser version of Conduct of the King.

Other Media

Takimaru appears in:

  • Toriko Gourmet Survival II (Game)
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Name: Takimaru
Name: 滝丸 - たきまる
Romanji: Takimaru
Gender: Male
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