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This company is a former Mah Jong magazine and now publishes monthly manga chapters.


Founded in 1972 by Kyoichiro Noguchi, it is originally the first monthly Mahjong magazine in Japan. Now, it publishes a variety of manga series that stems from smut to slice of life.


This is a list of manga series they published.

Slice of Life

Recorder to Randoseru (Recorder and Randsell) - It's a 4-koma manga about two siblings and their wildly-different ages


Glass no Megami Vol. 1
Glass no Megami Vol. 1
Glass no Megami (Goddess of Glass) - is a 3 volume series with 27 chapters about Keita Sakura and his relationships between Honoka and Aya. He struggles between himself to choose who he truly loves: Aya (his girlfriend) or Honoka (his first love).
Koi o Suru no Ga Shigoto Desu
Koi o Suru no Ga Shigoto Desu
Koi o Suru no ga Shigoto Desu (Love on the Job or Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto Desu) is 3 volume series with 24 chapters that already ended. It's about a couple who work at their own separate favorite toy company. However, their romance is forbidden due to the rivalry between these two companies. Will Hatsuhi Ryou and Sawamura Minori's love for each other stay strong or will they lose their jobs and possibly their love?
Makunouchi Deluxe
Makunouchi Deluxe
Makunouchi Deluxe - It's about a detective who fights crime and he has a strange interrogation method on ladies by having sex with them.
Ring x Mama
Ring x Mama
Ring X Mama is about Ryoma Hamazaki who is a virgin nerd who fantasized about female wrestlers. His life changes when he meets Justice Asuka, the girl of his dreams. He becomes the manager with the magic touch and works to restore Team Gigamax. Currently, it has 36 chapters and 5 volume published.
Tender Hearts
Tender Hearts
Tender Hearts - Unknown.
Velvet Kiss
Velvet Kiss
Velvet Kiss - A four volume series with 32 chapters about Nitta Shin, an average businessman, has won the lottery, but he signed a contract under the influence. He gets into debt of 80 million Yen. His creditor tells him to keep a certain woman company in order for his debt to disappear.


General Information Edit
Company Name Takeshobo
Japanese Name: 株式会社竹書房
Romaji Name: Kabushiki-gaisha Takeshobō
Street Address
Country Japan
Website http://www.takeshobo.co.jp/index
Contact Email
Phone Number
Date Founded None
Aliases Takeshobo Co., Ltd.
Take Shobo
Take Shobou
Take Shoubo
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