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Nagasarete Airantou (2007 - 26 Episodes)

Based upon the manga series. Ikuto falls overboard on a ship. He wakes up in an island called Airan. The one odd thing about this island is that it's populated by only females, and these girls have never set eyes on a boy before.

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Drifted to Paradise!? ながされて、天国!? (Nagasarete, Tengoku!?) 04/04/2007
1 - 2
Being Chased after, Bridegroom. 追いかけられて、婿殿 (Oi Kakerarete, Muko Dono) 04/11/2007
1 - 3
Be Useful, Freeloader 役立って、居候 (Yakutatte, Isouru) 04/18/2007
1 - 4
Run and Escape, Onee-sama / Be Surprised, Evil Spirit にげてのがれて、お姉様 / おどろいて、悪霊 (Nigetenogarete, o Nee-sama / Odoroite, Akuryou) 04/25/2007
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Search, Kuma-kuma! さがして、くまくま (Sagashite, Kumakuma!) 05/02/2007
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