Take this sword my Lord.

Take this sword my Lord. is an anime episode of Maoyu that was released on 02/22/2013

Hero takes the Merchant on a trip of what he and the Scholar are attempting to achieve. Things turn for the worse when the Church declares the Scholar a heretic.
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Plot Summary

When the Young Merchant arrives to Demon Queen's home, he notices Demon Queen is not herself until Hero arrives to reveal that Maid Ane is using a ring to disguise herself. Hero takes Young Merchant and transports the two of them near Gate City. Hero points out that Gate City is one of the few places where demons and humans co-exist. A young dragon lady arrives to inform Hero that she will prepare a fiery banquet. Elsewhere, Demon Queen finds Female Mage and her companions. In the banquet, Hero asks Young Merchant how fine the Dragon Lady's bosom looks. Hero proposes to sell Gate City to Young Merchant if the Young Merchant helps Demon Queen achieve her goals.

At Demon Queen's castle, Demon Queen and Head Maid arrive to a special room. She asks her maid to slay her if Demon Queen goes berserk. Over at Winter Pass village, Female Knight pledges her soul and sword to Hero.


  • Japanese Episode Name: "Tsurugi o Totte, Waga Aruji." (「剣を取って、我が主)
  • Opening Theme: "Mukaikaze (向かい風; Headwind)" by YOHKO
  • Closing Theme: "Unknown Vision" by Akino Arai

Characters & Voice Actors

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