Take a good look

Take a good look is an anime episode of Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho that was released on 08/22/2007

Plot Summary

Take A Good Look
RomajiYoku mite nasai
TV Air Date
August 22, 2007
MangaCh. 27-29(Vol.2), 30-32(Vol.3)
Theme Music
Opening"DOLPHIN☆JET (Dolphin Jet)" by Ayane, lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura, arrangement by Kōji Ueno
Ending"Splash BLUE~太陽とレモネード~ (Splash Blue: Taiyou to Lemonade)" by Ayumi Murata, lyrics and composition by Urara Takai, arrangement by Kōji Ueno

A day before the prefectural tournament Momoko tells everyone to make sure they are rested. When Sanae sighs that it might be her last tournament, since she is a third year, Makio starts crying and tells her to win so they can go to the Kantou tournament next month. Sanae calms her down by saying that, if she loses, she will still come to practice until she graduates. As Ikamasa tells it might be his last tournament as well and that those three years went by fast, Kaname recalls for the last two years Ikamasa failed to get past the prefectural tournament’s preliminaries. After Momoko tells everyone to be at the station in time the next morning, everyone leaves. Before the boys can leave, though, Ikamasa tells them he wants to have a meeting in the girls’ changing room at nine that evening. That evening it turns out Ikamasa always wanted to play mahjong in the girls’ changing room and this might be their last chance to do so. After some time Ikamasa asks Kaname who he likes more, Amuro or Mirei. When the discussion starts to derail after Kaname accidentally confesses having Mirei’s panties, he asks Ikamasa about his relationship with Momoko. Ikamasa replies that he is only interested in shaving and it does not matter who. Next, the boys (except Kaname, he tries to stop them) decide to give the changing room a closer look. Takeda finds a garter belt and wonders who it belongs to. Kaname thinks (correctly) it can only be Mirei’s (who, at home, realizes she has forgotten something when changing earlier). When Isao finds a box containing the girls’ swimsuits for the tournament, Takeda decides to wear one, claiming it to be revenge. Ikamasa follows Takeda’s example and orders the others to join in. Kaname refuses, but is forced by Ikamasa and Takeda.

The next morning Momoko arrives at the girls’ changing room to pick up the swimsuits she forgot to take with her the previous day. There, she finds the boys sleeping, wearing the swimsuits, which enrages her.

Arriving at the location of the tournament all the girls are energetic. The boys are in a terrible state, though. When Makio asks Momoko if she knows the reason, Momoko replies they had them do extensive cleaning and Takeda claims they were tortured. While the girls start changing into their swimsuits, Maaya annoys Momoko by arriving late and refusing to wear the same swimsuit as the others, because it is not cute enough for her. As Sanae tells Momoko to just leave Maaya alone some girls that seem to know Momoko arrive. It turns out to be swimming team from and its captain Karena Nanjou, who is the current Kantou region champion in both the 100 and 200 m freestyle events. Another member, Tomoko Naruko, managed to reach the interhigh tournament in the individual medley event (Mirei’s event) the previous year. While Sanae explains this to Makio, Momoko tells Karena she will beat her this year. Laughing at her, Karena starts undressing at the locker next to Maaya’s. When her large breasts touch Maaya’s face, Maaya lashes out at her. Realizing what his really bothering Maaya, she decides to taunt and provoke her. When Momoko asks what is happening and Makio asks them to stop, Karena tells them Umishou is not just bad at swimming, but is lacking in other areas as well, now enraging Momoko (again) as well. When she claims to have the largest breasts in the building, Amuro appears behind her and grabs her breasts. Amuro then runs to Mirei and grabbing her breasts as well, she claims Mirei is bigger, angering Karena. When Momoko starts to gloat about that, Karena again claims Shinomiya is the better swimming team. Meanwhile they boys are lazing about. Kaname tells them to behave more like a team, but Ikamasa tells him swimming is not a team sport and claims the girls are even less united than they are. When they run into the girls, they are more pumped up and united than ever before.

When the tournament starts, Amuro surprises everyone with her swimming style and easily wins the preliminaries. When Kaname is relieved she did not break any rules, Manabu Domon, an executive for this tournament, claims it to be because of his guidance. The other girls manage to qualify for the finals as well.

The first event in the finals is the 400 m individual medley, Mirei’s event. Mirei appearing to be sleepy, Tomoko, her Shinomiya rival, assumes Mirei could not sleep because she was too nervous. Instead, the lack of sleep was caused by her forgetting her garter belt and she actually falls asleep just before the start of her race. Normally bad at starting, now miraculously her start is perfect and she manages to set a new personal record and win the race. Maaya’s 200 m backstroke event is up next and she easily wins it, even beating the tournament record. Next up is the 100 m breaststroke event and Sanae takes third place, beating Shinomiya’s entrant, who is fourth. As Momoko’s smile grows bigger and bigger, Karena gets more and more annoyed, wondering how Umishou can beat Shinomiya. Tomoko thinks the cause is Karena putting too much pressure on her team. The next event is the boys’ 200 m butterfly, Ikamasa’s event. When he shows up his opponents look puzzled at his Speedos; he has stitched a face to the front of them. When everyone is waiting for the starting signal, they see the face move and thinking they missed the signal everyone starts and gets disqualified… except Ikamasa, who is still standing, waiting for the signal. It turns out the face on his Speedos came off, fooling the others into a false start.

While everyone is watching Keiko Nakamura’s race, leading to Umishou’s fifth win over Shinomiya, Momoko seems absentminded. Amuro mistakes it for being constipated, but she is just nervous; she cannot believe she will be able to beat Karena. Seeing Keiko’s results, she gets fired up and promises Karena, whose mood deteriorates after each time Umishou beats Shinomiya, that she will beat her in the 100 m freestyle race. Karena, not believing that could be possible, challenges Momoko to have a wager: the loser will have to have a nip slip, baring at least one breast in front of the crowd. Momoko, getting more fired up, accepts (and so does Amuro, who is in the 100 m freestyle race as well). As Karena walks away laughing, Momoko realizes what she has done and Amuro wonders what a nip slip is.

Just before the race Karena reminds Momoko of their wager and tells Amuro she is the best swimmer in Kantou and Amuro should watch her. Right after the start Karena takes the lead, but Amuro quickly catches up, swimming on her side staring at Karena. As a shocked Karena swallows some water, Momoko catches up as well and all three of them are tied for the lead at the 50 m turning point. Amuro takes the lead, but the first to finish is Momoko, beating both Amuro and Karena, who are tied in second place. Getting out of the pool, Momoko reminds Karena of their wager. Karena starts to lower a strap while still in the pool, but Momoko tells her it has to be in clear view of the crowd, not noticing something is wrong with her own swimsuit. Suddenly it tears right in the crotch area. As an embarrassed Momoko tries to cover her nether region, Takeda takes pictures of her and Amuro asks her if that is a standard ritual for the winner of this race. Kaname realizes the cause of this wardrobe malfunction must be the thorough cleaning of the swimsuits by the boys after Momoko discovered what they had done with them. Karena, not liking Momoko getting all the attention, strips to the waist and while she shakes her breasts Manabu films everything and Makio tries to stop Amuro from stripping as well. On the way back Sanae tries to cheer up Momoko and Amuro tells Kaname the tournament was fun and it would be nice if the next time he could enter as well. In the end Umishou had a very good tournament with seven club members managing to qualify for the Kantou tournament.

Points of Interest

  • The angered Momoko resembles Medusa, having snakes as hair
  • The eyecatch image is the similar to the first frame of chapter 33, which interestingly takes place after the events covered by this episode. In fact, that chapter is not covered in any episode.
  • This episode covers two to three times as many manga chapters as the previous episodes.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Kaname was forced to put on one of the girls’ swimsuits after losing a game of mahjong. In the anime he was forced to wear one immediately.
  • In the manga Karena shows up before Maaya arrives, in the anime Maaya arrives first.
  • The anime shows less of several races.
  • Ikamasa’s brother Taku, who appears in the manga, does not appear in the anime. Instead Ikamasa races a different opponent in the anime.
  • Keiko’s race is anime only. In the manga she has not even been named yet. (Her name is mentioned in one of the following chapters, but her name combined with an image does not appear until the next volume.) A win in the 800 m freestyle (Keiko's event) is mentioned in the corresponding manga chapter, just not who did it.
  • In the manga the swimming club has a party to celebrate their victories at the prefectural tournament. This is omitted from the anime.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mitsuru Hattori Original Concept Mitsuru Hattori is the artist and writer of the Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho manga series.


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