Takashi Komuro

Takashi Komuro is a anime/manga character in the Highschool of the Dead franchise
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Takashi Komuro is a second-year student at Fujimi High School and the leader of a group of students trying to survive the apocalypse to find their families.


Takashi Homuro is a second-year student of Fujimi High School and the first to witness the outbreak of zombies upon the school. Once an average student, he has become the leader of survivors trying to get everyone to live through this Armageddon.


Character design sheet
Character design sheet

The character of Takashi Komuro is a lead character of the manga/anime series Highschool of the Dead that was written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shouji Sato. The series first began serialization in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age magazine in July 2006. The creators of the series classified characters using role-playing game terminology, and Takashi is described as the leader.

His first appearance was in Hightschool of the Dead Volume 1 CH. 1 "Spring of the Dead", and hisfirst anime appearance was in Highschool of the Dead - Episode 1 "Spring of the Dead". His character in the Japanese series is voiced by Junichi Suwabe, and the U.S. dub produced by Section 23 is done by Leraldo Anzaldua.

Character Evolution

Takashi Komuro; the leader of the survivors
Takashi Komuro; the leader of the survivors

Takashi began the series as a lazy student who would often skip class and was sulking about his childhood love, Rei Miyamoto, had rejected him for another guy. This was because he never had the courage to tell her his feelings. He was a young man who always had a hard time taking action. It was from the roof that he saw the first zombie attack on the school.

  • Age: 17
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5' 7" (172cm)
  • Weight: 128lbs (58kg)

Through this massive tragedy, Takashi proves himself to be a capable leader. He gathered together with several survivor to escapes the school and bringing other people along the way. Takashi also proves he has a heroic side when he risks his life to save a young girl named Alice from a horde of "Them" (The title the zombies were given).

He started the series in love with Rei Miyamoto, but has also become involved with his fellow survivor Saeko Busujima. While isolated from the rest of the group. Saeko revealed her darker side, and the two shared a kiss. He is unaware that both Rei and Saeko have a rivalry for his affections.

Major Story Arcs

Spring of the Dead

Takahi sulking
Takahi sulking

On the Spring of the Dead when the world came crashing down. He was still reeling from the news that the girl he had loved since childhood, Rei Miyamoto, had rejected him and started dating his best friend Hisashi Igou. He's loved her ever since she made a childhood promise to marry him when they were older. However due to his faults Rei who loved him back gave up and went for Hisashi the far “superior” friend of his. He was skipping class and looking into the city when he ntoiced some random man just walking into the closed gate. Several of the teachers went to sent the man away, but he watched in the distance as this man bit Tejima and soon fell over dead. He was motionless until he rose up and bit into the neck of Kyoko Hayashi. He ran in to get Rei and Hisashi asked him what was wrong. He told him about the attack and slapped Rei when she started to shout. The three ran from the class and Rei tried to call 110 (Japanese 911), but it was out of service due to the number of calls. An announcement was given over the school's P.A. system to evacuate. The school went into a panic and Hisashi led them to the managerial building of the school due to the riots of the school to escape. Hisashi and Takashi took bats and Rei used a broken mop handle for weapons. They were blocked by the undead version of their former teacher, Wakisaka. Though Rei stabbed him in the heart, he was still moving. Hisashi tried saving Rei but Wakisaka bit him. Takashi panicked but rushed and bashed the teacher in the head.

Tokonosu City in chaos
Tokonosu City in chaos

They made it to the top of the school to take shelter and looked across the city that was in chaos. They made it to the school's observatory and used furniture to create a barricade. Looking over the school and students being murdered by their undead classmates, Hisashi dubbed the risen as Them. Takashi could only watch as his friend condition worsened, and Hisashi asked Takashi to help him jump of the ledge to kill himself. Rei refused to let him. This argument lasted too long, Hisashi couched up blood, and died. Takashi moved in to bash his skull, but again Rei defended him. She refused to believe he could change but he soon stood up. Takashi rushed in and killed his best friend.

Rei started to blame Takashi and said she'd rather of been bitten that of lived after seeing him in that way. He tried to tell her that he wouldn't of wanted that, but she turned on him and said he killed Hisashi because she was dating him. He gave no answer. When he walked away to leave her and go fight to his death. Rei clung to him and gave a panicked apology, and pleading him not to leave her alone. For the first time, he held her in his arms.

Escape from the Dead

Team Takashi is formed to escape
Team Takashi is formed to escape

While they waited and rest, Takashi gave Rei his cellphone so she could try and call er father. While she got through, for whatever reason he couldn't hear her voice. The phone then lost all signal. Rei had the idea to use the fire hose to escape and they were able to run into the school. When they got into the school, they soon heard a scream and rushed in to help. Saya Takagi was being attack while she was with Kohta Hirano. Saeko Busujima, from the second year class, arrived at the same time with school doctor, Shizuka Marikawa. They teamed up to save Saya, but she had also used a power drill to take out the one closest to her. After the greetings, they went to the faculty room to rest. They agreed to team up together to escape using the school bus and find their families.

On the way to the exit, Takashi and the others found a few survivors. After saving them and checking for bites, they all left to find the exit swarmed with Them. Saya told him that these creatures only react to sound and can't actually see, but she wasn't willing to volunteer to test it. It was Takashi that moved into the swarm alone. After a close call, he proved they couldn't see. He threw a shoe into a distant locker to create a distraction. Takashi's moved to escape, but one of the students accidentally banged a pole onto the banisters. The sound echoed through the school and they rushed to the bus. Few students died in the run but most made it to the bus. Takashi wanted to wait when he saw other survivors running for the bus, led by Koichi Shidou; but Rei wanted to leave him to die. Shidou's group made it anyways and Shizuka drove the mini bus to escape. Rei told him that he'd regret saving Shidou.

Democracy Under the Dead

During the ride into town, a student named Tsunoda began to make a scene. For whatever reason he was taking his hostilities out on Takashi, despite not even knowing each other. Rei defended him by bashing Tsunoda in the side with the blunt end of her broom handle. Shidou took this opportunity to claim this as a need for a leader. After giving a little speech, many of the students sided with him. Rei rushed off the bus and he went after her. Before Takashi could get her to come back aboard, a runaway bus crashed and blocked their path. Saeko called out to him, and he agreed to meet up with then at the eastern police station the next evening. Takashi was soon attacked by one of Them and tackled to the ground. He was saved from being bitten by the motorbike helmet it was wearing, but it knocked him in the head. He was saved by Rei who used a large peace of concrete to bash it's skull. They found the motorbike and rode into town.

Running in the Dead

They saw a cop car, but on further inspection the officer inside was dead. Rei took the cop's gun and gave it to him. They pulled into the gas station but lacked any money. Rei called him the worst but she didn't have any money either. When Takashi went inside to rob the cash register, she was captured by a crazed thug who was molesting her body and held a knife to her throat. Takashi followed his orders to fill the bike up with gas and tossed away the bat. He feinted as if he would leave, but used the opening to draw the cop's pistol and pressed it to his shoulder. Despite the threat of the nearby gas, he pulled the trigger and blew a hole in him. Takashi and Rei left him behind as the swarm of Them arrived.

By the next morning, Takashi and Rei rode through the town and were even attacked by more humans who had gone mad. They reached the Tokonosu Bridge only to find it cut off by the police. On the ride to Onbetsu Bridge and ran into Saeko, Saya, Kohta, and Shizuka. They had left the mini bus and the little cult Shidou had created. The sun was setting and Shizuka suggested they stay at a friend's house. Takashi rode with Shizuka to scout the area and returned with the others. The place had a large apartment and military grade Humvee parked outside. Takashi and his friends skilled the number of them still lurking and took shelter in the house of Rika Minami.

In the Dead of the Night

While the girls took the chance to bathe, Takashi and Kohta raided the house for weapons after they found ammo. He tempted Takashi to peep on the girls, but he knew that could get them killed. In the lockers they found several guns that were illegal in Japan. After loading the ammo magazines, they watched the news, and Shizuka grabbed him from behind. She was only in a towel and drunk. He told her to be quiet and go downstairs, but she passed out over him. He carried her on his back and accidentally grabbed her nude ass to prevent her from falling. Rei arrived upstairs but she was also drunk. He put Shizuka to bed, then found Saeko only wearing an apron and panties while she was cooking. He couldn't help but shout. He asked if she was worried about a possible attack but she told him she had faith in him and Kohta. She asked him to stop calling her sempai but to use her given name, Saeko. The drunk Rei interrupted the conversation by calling out for Takashi, and Saeko told him to go to her since women sometimes like to pretend to be weak. He asked her if it was the same for her, but he didn't get to hear the answer and Rei kept screaming out for him to listen to her.

While sitting on the stairs. Takashi silently listened as Rei went on about her problems and went on about how great a guy Hisashi was. He eventually got fed up and yelled at her that he never wanted to hear her bring him up again. Hisashi was dead and he was the one who killed him. Rei clung to Takashi and pulled him into a kiss. Their making out on the stairs was cut short when the sound of a barking dog was heard nearby and he was worried if they kept going he would get hard.

Dead Night and the Dead Ruck

Takashi left Rei to see Kohta. He looked over the city as he saw people die. He wanted to try and save people, but Saeko told him that they couldn't take that risk. They didn't have the room or supplies to take care of so many. He was disappointed in her, but she told him not to mistake her speaking the truth with being happy about it. Takashi watched through binoculars and saw a little girl being led through the road by her father. They tried to get shelter in a house but the man was murdered by the humans inside and they left the girl to die. It was Kohta who took the first shots and saved the girl with the sniper rifle. While Kohta covered him, Takashi went to get the bike to save the girl. He apologized to Saeko and Rei gave him the police officer's pistol. He made it in time to save the girl and a puppy who was trying to defend her. There was too many of Them to ride the bike through. He got the idea to walk the thin fence with the girl on his back. Takashi was saved when his friends arrived in the Humvee. He jumped on board and they drove off back to the river to cross in the car. Takashi, Rei, and Saeko took this chance to sleep.

The Dead Way Home

Takashi didn't wake up until they were already on the other side of the river. He was woken by Rei harshly pinching his cheeks. She was jealous and Takashi was shocked to find Saeko with her head resting in his lap, drooling. Once both were awake, he suggested they both get dressed. While the girl's put on their clothes, Kohta again tempted him to peak. Kohta explained that the girl he rescued was named Alice Maresato and they named the dog Zeke. He also gave him the shotgun and tried to explain how to use it. With the girl's changed, they moved into town. They were shocked to find no humans or Them. This all changed as they moved further into town. The undead increased in numbers and they nearly crashed into the wire barricade that stretched the rode. Shizuka swerved to avoid it and Rei fell off and couldn't stand. Takashi rushed off to save her but they were hopelessly outnumbered with no escape. They were only rescued by a group of humans in fire gear and using portable water cannons. With everyone safe, the leader revealed herself to be Saya's mother, Yuriko Takagi.

Dead House Rules

Takashi and his friends were at the Takagi Estate for a day and lived in a sense of calm. Saya's family had turned the mansion into a fortress. Takashi tried to help out some men but they dismissed him as a child, and was later impressed by how lovely Saeko looked in her kimono. He ran into Saya in the house who had just stormed out of a meeting with her mother. Yuriko talked with Takashi about how despite knowing Saya since kindergarten that this was the first time he's been to the home. She asked him to talk with Saya for her since she was refusing to listen.

Takashi and the rest of the team met in Rei's room since she couldn't move well, due to her injuries. Saya suggested the group should consider if they should merge with these survivors to leave on their own. When Takashi complimented on how well her parents put together everything so quickly. She snapped at him. With tears in her eyes she told them how she was impressed but felt that they had so easily abandoned her for dead. Tired of her mocking, he grabbed Saya by her shirt. He told her that she was the lucky since she at least knew her family was safe. She calmed down but the rest of the conversation was cut short by the arrival of the convoy of Saya's father, Soichiro Takagi. Takashi tried to stop Kohta who was getting in an argument with Saeko about guns over swords, but he only lashed out at him for not even being able to use a gun properly and ran off. Alice followed Takashi and told him that they must be fighting because they haven't had anything to keep him busy. This reminded him of the story "Mutiny on the Bounty".

Team Takashi defends Kohta
Team Takashi defends Kohta

Alice soon came running that Kohta was in trouble. He arrived to find that several of Soichiro Takagi's men were trying to take the guns away from Kohta. Takashi stood up for Kohta and told Soichiro that it was Kohta who has been protecting his daughter. The rest of Takashi's friends all arrived to defend Kohta against Saya's father. After this was settled, Takashi joined Saya to speak to the humans who were staying in the camps on the estate. These people didn't seem to want to listen to any reason and thought these undead were just people with an infectious disease. Once back at the house, Saya and Kohta told him that he was the perfect person to be their leader.

Dead Storm Rising

The idea of being made the official leader baffled Takashi. Rei came to his room to talk and support him. She told him that he wanted to be with him and that if he was ever to fall for another woman she wouldn't know what to do. He didn't know how to take such a declaration. She left after the injuries to her back were acting up. Takashi later went to meet with Soichiro that he and Rei were going to be leaving in search of their families. On their way out, Saeko wanted to join them and the others also showed up to join them. Suddenly, Rei ran off and he saw the cause. Koichi Shido and his cult of students had been brought into the estate. Rei confronted Shido and Takashi earned that it was Shido that had manipulated her grade ad forced her to repeat. All because Rei's father was investigating Shido's father for political corruption. Takashi tried to stop Rei from killing him, but Saeko stopped him since this had to be her choice. She chose not to kill him, and Soichiro kicked out Shido's group.

Shizuka soon remembered the phone number of her friend Rika and she borrowed Takashi's cellphone. The call was cut short as the skies filled with a bright flash. Saya realized that this was a EMP blast due to a nuclear bomb detonated in the atmosphere. The Takagi Estate was soon overcome by the invasion of Them. Takashi wanted to stay and fight, but Soichiro sent them off to find their families. They were able to use an amphibious vehicle they were given and make it to the highway.

Sword and the Dead

Saeko's soaked shirt
Saeko's soaked shirt

Their path was filled with an surmountable number of undead. Takashi had the idea to use the loud vehicle as a distraction with Saeko as the others moved on to the Taiei Shopping Town. He and Saeko used the vehicle and tried to use it to lose their undead followers at the river. Though due to crashing in the water, Saeko's clothes were soaked and became transparent, and he couldn't help but stare. He later parked on a sandbar to rest and told Saeko to rest while he stood watch. He gave her a shirt of his to wear while her own clothed dried and was again overcome by how good she looked. He surprised her by asking if there was ever anyone she liked. When she answered that there was once. He seemed unhappy at this response. After her clothes ere dried, they crossed to the other side and continued into town.

They went into a park and Takashi purposely crashed the vehicle into the large fountain. He rigged the controls so that it would continue driving in circles and distract the undead for their escape. Takashi watched in amazement as she sliced through Them with her down with great ease, but she froze when confronted with a number of undead children. He had to rush in to save her and they took refuge in a temple at the top of a hill. He tried asking her what happened back there but she was hesitant to talk. After he lit some candles for their stay through the night, she asked him if he would listen to her story. She brought up his earlier questions about if there was someone she liked. She admitted that in the past there were some boys she liked but felt she didn't have the right to ever tell her feelings. This is because when she was 14 she nearly killed a man who attempted to sexually assault her. Her fear is because she enjoyed the pleasure in beating him. Takashi tried to tell her that he had become the same, but she pointed out that this was because of the outbreak. She had been like this for long before and could feel it getting worse.

Takashi says he will accept Saeko's darkness
Takashi says he will accept Saeko's darkness

By daybreak, they were leaving the shire, but soon the undead were swarming them. He wanted to run, but Saeko refused to move as they closed in on her. Suddenly, Takashi grabbed her from behind, clutching her breast. With passion, he told her that he would give her a reason to continue and that no matter how tainted she felt she was that he would always admire her as a great woman. This gave her back her fighting spirit, and she cut through the undead in her path. At the way to the meet up, she grabbed his hand and asked him if he would take responsibility for his promise, and he happily agreed.

Legend of the Dead

They had been staying at the Taiei Shopping Town for a day and it was already being used as a shelter by other humans, led by a rookie police officer named Asami Nakaoka. To avoid conflict, Takashi and Kohta hid their weapons. During this time Rei suggested they could use some of the bicycles for transport, but confronted him about what had happened between Saeko and him during their time together saying, "I know what's going on." and stormed off. Kohta and Takashi then came to the defense of Asami against the people she was watching over who were becoming confrontational. They gave her the police issued pistol they had as if it her's that she dropped.

Soon after, Shizuka was nearly raped by one of the people, but was saved by Asami and Kohta. Rei then wanted to leave immediately but Takashi wanted to wait so they could get supplies. Both Saya and Saeko backed his idea. When Saya asked him if the things they find are wanted by the other group, he said that he was fine with sharing both only if there were enough for both. While giving out his orders, Takashi almost said Saeko's name without an honorific in front of Rei.

Their plans for supplying was cut short when an elderly lady was in desperate need for a blood transfusion due to a chronic illness. Takashi wanted to help but her needs were going to be on going and they couldn't stay forever to help her. It was Alice that convinced him to help save the lady. Takashi, Kohta, Asami, and another survivor named Hiro Tamaru teamed up to raid a nearby clinic for the medical supplies. Though they got what they needed, Hiro was bitten in the process and Asami honored his request to kill him before he changed. He felt that this was their first great defeat.

The Good, the Bad, and the Dead


Saeko Busujima with a Ithaca M37
Saeko Busujima with a Ithaca M37

As a human fighter with no real combat training, Takashi is dependent on weapons to survive against the zombies. Kohta has educated him on the function and use of many guns.

  • Metal Baseball Bat
  • Smith & Wesson Model 37
  • Springfield M1A1
  • Ithaca m37 shotgun
  • Benelli M4 Super 90

Other Media

OAD: Drifters of the Dead

Takashi appears in the Highschool of the Dead OAD titled Drifters of the Dead. It was originally released as a Blu-ray and packaged with a special edition of Highschool of the Dead Vol. 7 on April 26th 2011. Takashi and the rest of his team find themselves on a small, isolated island off the shore of Tokonosu City. After finding a small beach house filled with a variety of bikinis, they take this opportunity for a break from running. The boys search the island for food while the girls enjoyed the water and sun. Kohta got plenty of seafood and a fire was started. Only later did they realize the leaves they had put into the fire were hydrangea. This caused a hallucination in everyone who breathed in the fumes.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Junichi Suwabe
Leraldo Anzaldua
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Name: Takashi Komuro
Name: 小室孝
Romanji: Komuro Takashi
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Highschool of the Dead #1
1st anime episode: Highschool of the Dead #1
1st anime movie: Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead
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Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead

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