Takaaki Uchida

Takaaki Uchida is a anime/manga character in the Sket Dance franchise
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He is a shy student who wants to show his mother that he is popular in Kaimei High School of the Sket Dan franchise.


Not much is known about his past.


Takaaki Uchida, who is created by Kenta Shinohara, has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him. He first appears in Sket Dance episode 14. His Japanese voice actor is Shinnosuke Tachibana.

Story Arcs

Takaaki Uchida asks Sket Dan to make him popular because he wants to change. Bossun of Sket Dan agrees, and Bossun's crew member, Hime, starts Uchida in the strong category of the popularity contest. She makes Shinzo fake his defeat. When Uchida hits Shinzo in the right thigh, Shinzo falls down and rolls back to a tree. Shinzo starts to act if he is dying while Bossun captures it all on camera. Yet, Shinzo's act is not credible enough.

Switch proposes for Uchida to talk in the anime round table during lunch period for the Otaku category. Hosted by Yagi, Otakura starts talking about the Moe character's traits while Switch tells Otakura to focus on the show. Uchida fails to voice his opinion due to his hesitation. Back in the club room, Bossun asks Uchida about what is he good at. Uchida guesses geography, so Bossun persuades Uchida to raise his hand to answer Yamanobe's questions. In class, Uchida fails again when Teppei answers the question after Yamanobe calls Teppei.

As school ends, Sket Dan tries to cheer up Uchida until Uchida receives a call from the doctor about his mother's conditons. Arriving at the hospital, Uchida is relieved when his mother is okay and needs to rest. Uchida's mother asks Uchida about how things are going in school, and Uchida replies that he is popular and has many friends. He tells her that he will prove it by getting the Mr. Popular medal. Unbeknownst to him, team Sket Dan eavesdrops on Uchida and finds out that he is doing this to please his sick mother.

The following day, as Uchida waters the flowers, Shimada collects the ballots from his class. Bossun reassures Uchida that he has voted for him. When Chuuma's chemistry class is over, Uchida heads back to the hospital regardless of Bossun's request for Uchida to stay for the results of the contest. At the hospital, Uchida confesses to his mother that he is not popular and that he barely has any friends. Outside of the hospital, Uchida hears his classmates and peers out of the window. Bossun and his class reward Uchida with the kindness medal due to his kind actions that he displayed every day. His actions are watering the flowers, helping the pregnant teacher, and helping Teppei get around the school on his first day. Uchida sheds tears that he has friends after all.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Shinnosuke Tachibana
General Information Edit
Name: Takaaki Uchida
Name: 内田 孝昭
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Sket Dance #14
1st anime movie:
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