Taishi Naomoto

Taishi Naomoto is a anime/manga character
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Taishi Naomoto is a movie director and Selecao Number VI


Not much is known about Taishi Naomoto's past before he became a Selecao. He has worked in the film industry for some time based on his knowledge of genres, equipment, and props. Some time before Careless Monday, he came into contact with Saizo Ato and was deemed fit to become a savior of Japan as he was given his Noblesse phone and assigned to be Selecao Number VI. Before the second missile attack on Japan, Naomoto did not attract much attention from any of the other Selecao.


Taishi Naomoto was created by Kenji Kamiyama for the series Eden of the East. He makes his first and only appearance in Eden of the East I: King of Eden. He is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino in the Japanese version and Josh Grelle in the English version.

Character Evolution

Taishi claims to be a great director as he plans on making the greatest romantic story ever captured on camera. However, his methods are questionable as he goes to great lengths to get the exact shots he wants for his movie, going so far as to annoy and pester Juiz with lewd demands that have no real reasoning behind them other than what he selfishly needs for his ultimate movie to be completed. His personality reflects this as he shows little remorse for his actions and gets mad at forces outside of his control when things do not go according to plan. Taishi has gone so far to try and kill his actors to obtain a new and stylish ending to his masterpiece.

Major Story Arcs

Taishi Naomoto does not appear in the series Eden of the East. However, his activities as a Selecao are monitored by some of the characters in the show.

Other Media

King of Eden

After the second missile strike that Ryo Yuki initiated, Taishi met with Daiju Mononobe and struck a deal that he would follow Saki Morimi when she went to New York to find Akira Takizawa. His main goal was to film Saki and Akira and create a film that would be a new way of creating a romantic story. Tailing Saki to New York, he arranged with Juiz to have her luggage filled with weapons and is discovered in the middle of the city. Taishi stalks Saki as she calls back home and goes to the Brooklyn Bridge to try and meet Akira. When she does meet him, Taishi is happy that the "handsome male lead" has finally rescued the "damsel in distress", wondering what else he had to do to Saki to get Akira to save her.

Taishi tries to kill Akira and Saki
Taishi tries to kill Akira and Saki

He follows them back to Akira's apartment where he calls up Juiz and requests that the two take a shower for a "hot, romantic shower scene". Juiz scolds him as she believes all of his requests involving the two have been asinine as she can't actually do it. The two argue before he makes his purchase which causes the radiator in the room to malfunction and explode. However, Kuroha Shiratori warned Akira about what would happen as they escape. Taishi blames Juiz, who points out that there is no romantic movie that ends with the protagonists dying. He states its for his own new style of movie but she pays no mind to him, her frustration mounting.

Taishi finally finds the two the next day in a small amusement park as he films from afar. As he hones in on the two, he spots a box full of various items as he creates a home made flamethrower based on his expertise in the film industry. As the police try to arrest Akira and Saki, Taishi ambushes them with his flamethrower, putting his camera down to film the shot. Kuroha is able to rescue the couple as Taishi fumes in anger, promptly getting arrested as his camera runs out of battery.

Paradise Lost

Taishi loses his memory
Taishi loses his memory

Taishi is still in police custody in New York when he gets a phone call from Saizo. Saizo announces that he is pleased with what all the Selecao did and declares that they are all the winners as he gives them a present. As a signal is emitted through the phone, Taishi looks nervous as to prisoners harass him as he realizes that not only does he not know where he is, but also that he can't remember who he is either; the signal erasing his memories as a Selecao and as a person.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hiroyuki Yoshino (voice actor)
Josh Grelle
General Information Edit
Name: Taishi Naomoto
Name: 直元 大志
Romanji: Naomoto Taishi
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: King of Eden
Aliases Selecao Number VI
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