Tairan is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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A chef of incredible skill who is a master of "Poison Cooking". He is currently ranked as the 19th greatest chef in the world by the IGO Chef Ranking.


Not much is known about Tairan's past, aside from him being an established Chef and having a background with Livebearer.


Tairan is a supporting protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.



Tairan is a man of fair height and fair build. He has dark skin and black hair. His face has several deep scars on it of unknown origin.


Tairan seems to be a firm man. He volunteered to help the populace of the Human world counteract the poison in their systems but stated he would not show them again if they failed the first time.


No noteworthy relationships of Tairan's have been established thus far, however he does seem to have a history with fellow top ranked chef Livebearer and he was visbily disturbed when Livebearer was nearly killed.

Story Arcs

Four Beast Arc

Livebearer contacted Tairan before he arrived at he Center of Human world to help with preparing an antidote for the Four Beast's poison that afflicted the Human populace in the Center of Human World. Due to Komatsu needing time to develop a shorter method of preparing the purple mochi antidote for the Four Beast's poison, Tairan was needed to stall the effects of the poison for as long as possible. Tairan was broadcast live throughout the Center of Human world. After strictly telling everyone to listen closely as he would only show them once, he guided the human populace in pressing special pressure points that would delay the effects of the poison.

Cooking Festival Arc

As one of the top ranked 100 Chefs in the world, Tairan participated in the Cooking Festival at Cooking Island. He performed well in the 3 preliminary rounds and was one of the few to get to the Championship round, with his first to be opponent being Mami. However the Festival is cut short by the sudden invasion of the Bishokukai, their sole purpose being to kidnap as many of the top ranked chefs as possible. Tairan teamed up with Chiru and other Chefs to battle the powerful Scum Beasts present. They managed to fell one, only to have an army of Scum Beasts following close behind. They are saved from annihilation by the arrival of Heavenly King Zebra, who exterminated the whole army.

Powers & Abilities

Chef Skill - Tairan is one of the top 20 Chefs in the world according to the IGO, specifically rank 19. He seems to have unparalleled skill in poisonous ingredients and he can make the likes of the incredibly poisonous puffer whale poison sack edible. Whether or not his skill in poisonous ingredients surpasses Joa is not known.

Detox Knife - Tairan uses his chef knives and cuts his opponents. Whether there is a special effect or a simple slash attack is not clear.

General Information Edit
Name: Tairan
Name: タイラン
Romanji: Tairan
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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Weapon Master
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Attractive Male
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