Taiga Fujimura

Taiga Fujimura is a anime/manga character in the Fate/Stay Night franchise
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The English teacher, homeroom instructor and the supervising teacher for the archery dojo at Shiro's school. After Kiritsugu died, Taiga became Shiro's guardian and has been living with him for several years. Taiga and Shiro are very close, and she regards him as a younger brother.


Taiga was adopted into a yakuza family via her father when he was brought into the family as a son-in-law. She attended the same high school in Fuyuki City that Shiro would attend in Fate/Stay Night where she became idolized for her exceptional abilities with the school's kendo club. Taiga was close friends with Kiritsugu Emiya and would come to adopt his adoptive son, Shiro, following his death. She serves as an English and homeroom teacher at Shiro's school in the present.


Taiga was made in mind as a comic relief character for the Fate/Stay Night visual novel game made by Type-Moon, appearing both during plot developments in the story arcs of the game and segments called Tiger Dojos that appear whenever a player triggers a "bad end" through their decisions in the game. Her character was originally going to made a more traditional "older sister" type character in early development of the game before her current personality was adopted. She has appeared in a number of animated adaptations of Fate/Stay Night that include Studio Deen's 2006 TV anime adaptation of Stay Night, the 2010 Unlimited Blade Works film adaptation, a manga adaptation to Stay Night, Carnival Phantasm and Ufotable's TV anime adaptation to the Unlimited Blade Works route. For anime adaptations of Fate, Taiga is voiced by Miki Itou in Japanese and Julie Anne Taylor in English.



Taiga is a 24-year old woman standing at 165 centimeters (almost '5'5") with her three sizes being unknown, beyond being mentioned that they are smaller than Rider's and larger than Saber's. She has light-brown hair and eyes, with her hair being short in length. She is normally dressed in a yellow and black striped shirt with a long-skirted green dress with straps dressed over it and yellow loafer shoes. In Taiga Dojo segments or kendo spars, Taiga is dressed in a white kimono with a black hakama.


Taiga has a bright and cheerful personality who is known for being rather childish as she is prone to irresponsible and lazy acts. She is also a horrible cook, normally leaving Shiro or Sakura to prepare meals for her. Despite her childish traits though, she is strongly prideful of her skills in kendo and is caring towards Shiro, viewing the boy as a younger brother. She has a high opinion of Sakura as such where she considers the girl a worthwhile love interest toward Shiro. She hates her first name due to it sounding similar to "tiger" and referring to her by Tiger will lead her to comically get mad and cry.


As mentioned, Taiga mostly serves as caretaker to Shiro and comedic relief in all routes of Fate/Stay Night. She has little role to play in the story arcs of the series. In Fate route, she challenges Saber to a kendo match when distrustful of her presence in the early part of the route before being easily being beaten by the Servant and approving of her as Shiro's guardian. She and Shiro would also adopt Illyasviel at the end of the route, with the two girls often at odds with one another. In Unlimited Blade Works, Taiga is taken hostage by Caster when the Servant breaks into the Emiya house and uses the situation to her advantage to trick Saber into becoming her Servant via use of Rule Breaker.

Powers and Abilities

Taiga is a skilled practitioner of kendo, having reached a 5th Dan rank when competing in school competition around Shiro's age and normally wields shinai for official kendo matches. She became infamous for her use of a shinai she dubbed "Tora Shinai" where she placed a tiger strap under the guard of the shinai and is banned from a number of official competitions because of its presence being considered disrespectful during matches.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Julie Ann Taylor
Miki Itou
General Information Edit
Name: Taiga Fujimura
Name: 藤村 大河
Romanji: Fujimura Taiga
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Fate/stay night #1
1st anime movie: Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
Aliases Tiger-Sensei
Recent Movies
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