Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka is a anime/manga character in the Toradora franchise
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One of the main characters of Toradora. Self proclaimed master of Ryūji Takasu.


Taiga is one of the main characters in Toradora! She is blonde haired, blue eyed and of short stature. Her beautiful looks don’t match her personality however, since she acts hostile to almost everyone around her except for Minori Kushieda. Due to this mixture of beautiful looks and harsh personality she receives the nickname of “Te Nori Taiga” (Palmtop Tiger).


Taiga was born in the middle of a very wealthy but unhappy family. Her parents split when she was just a kid, leaving Taiga alone with her mother who then remarried. Unable to get along with her new family, Taiga moves out on her own.

She then meets Ryuuji Takasu, who lives next door to her and also attends the same school as she does. At first they don’t get along at all, but upon finding out that they’re both in love with each other’s best friend (Yuusaku Kitamura and Kushieda Minori respectively) they decide to team up and help each other to get into a relashionship with them, developing a close friendship at the same time.

Their friendship grows to the point were Ryuuji becomes a sort of slave to Taiga, who call him “her dog”. Taiga depends on Ryuuji for almost everything, from cleaning her apartment to making her food. She ends up spending so much time with him that Ryuuji’s mother considers her part of the family.

Midway through the school year she meets Ami Kawashima, a new transfer student who works as a model. Taiga is able to see through Ami’s fake persona of an innocent person and is able to reveal her true self, referring to her as Baka Chihuahua (Stupid Chihuahua). Even though they’re mean to each other, they are able to form a friendship.

One day she finds out that Kitamura is actually in love with the school president and gives up her hopes to start a romantic relationship with him, deciding that it’d be better to stay as friends. Shortly afterwards, during a Christmas party she makes plan to get Minori and Ryuuji together, but she gets sad when she realizes that once Minori and Ryuuji start dating he would never be there for her again and thinks about all the moments they shared, at last realizing that she is actually in love with Ryuuji.

Her plan to get Minori and Ryuuji together fails and even though she has realized her true feelings for him she decides to continue trying to get them together even though it hurts her.

During a school ski trip she gets lost and faints during a snow storm. She is rescued by Ryuuji, who carries her body back to the camp. Believing he was Kitamura she confesses her true feelings much to his surprise.

Once they’re back to school, Ryuuji tries to ignore what was said and acts like nothing happened. But one day they’re locked in a room by Kitamura and Ami who force her to confess her true feelings. She escapes the situation but is followed by Ryuuji who has also found out that he is in love with her.


They finally meet and try to confess their feelings but are stopped by their parents. They decide to runaway and get married. They go to Takasu’s grandparent’s house where they decide to not continue with it and go back home. Upon seeing Ryuuji making up with his mother, she decides to do the same and leaves the city without telling anyone to go back to her mother’s house. Shocking everyone at her school.

She is not seen or heard from again until graduation day, when she goes to her old classroom and meets Ryuuji once again. There he is finally able to tell her “I love you” to which she reacts with her usual harshness.


Taiga's seiyuu (or voice actress) is Rie Kugimiya. Who is known as "The Queen of tsundere"

Other Media

As a main character of the series, Taiga also appears in the light novels that the anime was based on as well as the Visual novel based on the show released in April 2009 as well as the internet radio show ToradoRadio. She also has become a popular character among collectibles and figures.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Rie Kugimiya
Rank Game #27 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Taiga Aisaka
Name: 逢坂 大河
Romanji: Aisaka Taiga
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toradora #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Palmtop Tiger
Te Nori Taiga
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Attractive Female
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