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A popular model of spider-like robot utilized by some of Japan's public safety divisions.

Tachikoma are a line of robots used by Japan's Public Safety Section 9 unit (among others) for a variety of tasks. They have a spider-like appearance and can operate autonomously or be piloted.

Physical Design

About as large as a sedan-class car, Tachikoma are usually blue and have four legs fitted with wheels for walking or driving, and two 'arms' (one of which contains a machine gun). They have impressive jumping capability, and a grappling feature that makes them remarkable agile in the proper setting. Tachikoma also have a second gun, usually a grenade launcher, in the 'snout' area. They have four eyes, three on the head and one on the the stomach.

Electronic Design

Over time the individual Tachikoma robots have developed their own individual personalities, a curious thing for a robot that has never been fully explained (although it led Motoko Kusanagi to wonder if they should be replaced). Although the robots have their own self-identities, every night they are hooked up together and share all of their memories so that they all have the same knowledge base, making their individuality all the more curious.

Individual Tachikoma

Throughout the Ghost in the Shell franchise, four Tachikoma with individual identities have become identifiable:
  • Batou's "personal" Tachikoma (as he declared it). Batou has a strong attachment to the Tachikoma robots and 'spoils' his with natural oil instead of synthetic, which actually leads to the robots' near-sapience. This Tachikoma has a hyperactive, inquisitive, child-like personality.
  • The Tachikoma that Motoko favors has an even-tempered, logical personality, in contrast to Batou's.
  • A third Tachikoma is frequently used, although it is somewhat slower to grasp things than the aforementioned two.
  • A fourth Tachikoma, which was taken apart at the end of season 1, had an intellectual personality.

Ghosts and Sacrifice

Batou's use of natural oil in his Tachikoma had an effect on all the others-- it is the professed reason for the Tachikoma's remarkable individuality. As a result, Motoko banned natural oil use on Tachikomas, and nearly had the whole lot of Section 9's destroyed-- but when two Tachikoma sacrifice themselves to save Batou during the first season of the TV anime, she allows them to be fully restored and even upgraded for their loyalty.

At the end of the second season, the Tachikoma sacrifice their own individual AI-- their very personalities --to save humanity from a nuclear bomb. It is suggested by one Section 9 member that at that point, they had 'ghosts' (or souls); Motoko expresses regret that she wasn't able to learn if this was true or not.

After this event, the Tachikoma were replaced with another model, the Uchikoma, who act more like the Tachikoma's predecessor (the Fuchikoma).
General Information Edit
Thing Name Tachikoma
Japanese Name: タチコマ
Romaji Name: tachikoma
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex #1
1st anime movie:
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