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The T-Virus is the main source of infection in the Resident Evil/Biohazard series. It causes rapid mutation in human and non human cells. Depending on the host the virus can create a simple zombie to as complex as a Tyrant.

During the middle of the twentieth century Umbrella Corporation founders Ozwell E. Spencer, Dr. Edward Ashford, and Dr. James Marcus began researching into viral mutation with the intent of engineering the perfect biological weapon. The process would involve finding or creating a viral agent that could not only be controlled, but could be used to create new bio-weapons by infecting a host organism and then mutating its cells which in term would force the host to evolve on a cellular level into a powerful creature that could act as a soldier and follow orders, as well as spread the virus that created it into enemy territory. After years of experimentation through trial and error the three men suceeded in 1967. with the discovery of the Progenitor virus and from this came the birth of the Umbrella Corporation.

Progenitor Virus
The Progenitor Virus is considered the founder virus,  it was the first virus discovered in the mutagenic virus line and all of the other mutagenic viruses are based off of it.
According to Umbrella records the Progenitor Virus was discovered on December 4, 1967, by Dr. Edward Ashford, Dr. James Marcus, and Lord Ozwell E. Spencer. Unlike his fellow scientist Dr.James Marcus, Lord Ozwell E. Spence who wanted to use the virus a biological weapon, Dr Edward  Ashford wanted to use the virus' regenerative abilities to help the handicapped. After Ashford's death in 1968 Both Scientist  were able to begin their true desired research. The only known survivor of an experiment involving Progenitor Virus is Lisa Trevor, who bonded with the virus in a way that astonished and baffled everyone involved with the project. The Progenitor Virus works by producing rapid and uncontrollable cellular mutation in a host's genetic code, but the mutations eradic, unpredictable, and are not coordinated enough to produce effective BOWs. In hosts with a genetic structure less complex than humans, such as plants, animals, and micro organisms mutations are less pronounced, and usually restricted to increases in size and aggression. In order to enhance the Progenitor Virus's mutagenic properties, Umbrella created a variant virus through synthesizing its cellular code with that of the Ebola Virus, however this strin retain Ebola's photosensitivity.

The T-Virus T standing for Tyrant, aka the Tyrant Virus was engineered by Dr. James Marcus. After much research Marcus succeeded in creating the Tyrant virus at the Arklay Management Training Facility on September 19th, 1978. Through a synthesis process using the Progenitor Virus and leech DNA. Through this synthesis, the photosensitivity of the early Progenitor strain was replaced with pyrosensitivity. This attribute can notebly be seen in most Resident Evil/Biohazrd enemies especially in Zombies and Cerburus. According to Dr. James Marcus's research reports, the Tyrant Virus operates very similar to most viruses. However unlike most viruses, the Tyrant Virus possesses the ability to animate dead tissue on a genetic level, this allows the virus to cause mutation in its host, and to infect nearly any tissue in any type of host. T-Virus animates dead tissue by killing and replacing any mitochondria in infected cells, and then combining with these cells to produce enough energy for motor and lower brain functions. Through this process, most of the body's systems, such as the circulatory or respiratory systems, are made redundant. However, this process causes severe necrosis in its host, creating the rotted appearence in most BOW such as the common zombie, the cerburus, etc. The mutations occur when the virus incorporates itself into the host's genetic code and considerably alters it. Creatures with genetic structures different than humans such as dogs, plants, etc generally show less severe mutations, and usually only increase in size.
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1st anime movie: Resident Evil: Degeneration
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