Weekly Sword Art Online: Ep. 7 - Warmth of the Heart

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Welcome to the weekly Sword Art Online report! We also have a Sword Art Online anime discussion thread as well. I'm fine with any of them, and I'm looking forward to discuss with you guys and gals on the anime.

This week's episode is a safe episode which means no one died! I like these types of episodes. It's a nice break from the constant battle between life and death.


Kirito pays a visit to Lisbeth's blacksmith shop, and when Kirito breaks one of Lisbeth's sword in a little test, Lisbeth has Kirito go with her to find crystal in Western Mountain where a dragon lives.

Can Kirito and Lisbeth get the crystal?!


Beware of spoilers!


Lisbeth's hugging scene is great
Lisbeth's hugging scene is great
  • Lisbeth is another new character. Like Silica, Sachi, and Asuna, she is another likable character.
  • It's a good episode that shows a lot about Lisbeth who is looking for something in her life which was companionship. Too bad, that Lisbeth thinks Asuna and Kirito are a couple.


Not much bad stuff to say about this episode.


How many years has pass in SAO?
How many years has pass in SAO?
  • Kirito is a player. I noticed Sachi, Silica, Lisbeth, and Asuna "like" him.
  • Asuna's appearance is a bit of coincidence where she interrupts Lisbeth's love confession. It just happen by fate.
  • Lisbeth's photo: She looked like a 10 year old girl. How can they age in SAO?

This episode is excellent and a good one if you like Kirito and Lisbeth. Sorry Asuna and Kirito fans. Still, the episode still reflects that they are still trapped in this virtual world.

Stitched Gallery by Random Curiosity

Here are some excellent shots by RC.


Thank you everyone for reading this report. I hope you support the anime. Please feel free to start up blogs, reviews, or do some wiki edits. I'm here as a solo guy, but I do get help from Daniel and Sonata. I don't want to be like Kirito, the solo wiki editor/player.

Wiki Progress: I just finished Ep. 7, but I didn't have time to go over the characters.

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