Weekly Sword Art Online: Ep. 6 - Phantom Avenger

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Welcome to the weekly Sword Art Online report! We also have a Sword Art Online discussion thread. I'm okay with both threads if two people or more can keep the discussion thread alive. I might not be able to cover this series with other summer anime series and school. Anyway, last week is the first time we got a mystery murder case in this series. This episode is the conclusion.


After two Golden Apple guild members were killed, Kirito and Asuna dig deeper in the murder case and figure out the true killer who murdered Griselda.

Find out by watching this episode!


Beware of spoilers!


Asuna and Kirito
Asuna and Kirito
  • What's interesting is that Kirito and Asuna talk about marriage and item storage which helped them solve the murder case.
  • Due to the Sword Art Online discussion thread, I already found out about Kirito and Asuna's relationship in this series due to somebody. Griselda's ghost seems to agree with it.


  • I can't seem think of something bad. It's sad how this game can ruin people's lives. Grimlock's reason for killing his wife was a bit terrible. It didn't make quite an impact. Rather, it serves to boost Asuna and Kirito's relationship.

Overall, this episode is good especially for Asuna and Kirito fans.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this. Any blogs, comments, or wiki edits would be appreciated.

Wiki Progress: Some of the characters' names in Anime Vice don't match Sword Art Online Wikia. I'll change them or add them as alias. I was following Crunchyroll's translations.

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