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@takashichea: haveing watched only really the first 3 or 4 episodes of sword art online I am totally willing to discuss exactly its pitfalls in comparison to .hack XD

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@takashichea: the obvious difference would be that while Sword Art Online involves thousands of people, .hack only involves select few.

I'll list more as I can

  • While the chaos in SAO is caused by creator alone, the abnormality in .hack is cause by mysterious entity, creating programs that breaks all the rule of programming and real world
  • .hack concentrate on game known as The World, but in SAO franchise the main characters move on to different game
  • No offense, but SAO is more of harem series. .hack is more of... adolescence of teenager for lack of better terms.
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I recommend everyone read this blog about If Sword Art Online were written today


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I never thought of this show as a harem before. That does explain how Kirito keeps finding all these young girls. I always thought it was a star crossed lovers type of show, like Romeo and Juliet.

  • The poster design on crunchyroll made Kirito and Asuna look like a pair.
  • If you look at the Grimmlock and Griselda episodes, they are kind of like a foil for Kirito and Asuna's relationship.
  • Every time a persons asks out Kirito/Asuna, they quickly realize that Kirito and Asuna are close and would back away. The exceptions to this would be Sachi (did not know Asuna) and Silica (too young).

Random Thought

Somewhere on the internet, someone is creating a fan fiction where Kirito and Asuna are married in real life and have a child named Silica.

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Sorry for the late reply, everyone.

@Elfenlied1012: @buhssuht:

Thanks guys! I'll try to post this blog soon along with Buhssuht's thoughts.


I'll check out that blog. It sounds interesting.


That was the weird thing. I remember it was MyAnimeList that listed it as a harem, but I think they erased it. I say it's more of a platonic harem. Due to Sotyfan16's messages about what is a harem and platonic types on Twitter, I'm not sure what to classify Kirito's relationships.

Check out the romance edition blog I created for Kirito's relationships.

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Anyone know if this series is one of those that runs 11-13 episodes or one that runs 24-26 episodes?

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ANN and Wikipedia has listed 25 episodes.

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Accel World said 26 at one point and that's just ended on 24. I remember seeing it at 22, SAO at one point.

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SAO can kinda be consider the other novels, though I doubt those will get animated

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It's another sad episode of Sword Art Online. I should have known that Yui will suffer the same fate since she glitches in episode 11.

It's a big tear jerking scene where Yui says goodbye to Kirito and Asuna and that she is not human. I find Yui's death more memorable than Sachi's.

  • It was cool to see Yui kick ass with her flaming sword.
  • Kirito had some bizarre taste in food.
  • Interestingly, Kibaou is still alive.
  • I wonder if Asuna and Kirito will name their offspring Yui (if they married in the real world).
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Just started catching up on the rest of the series. Still enjoying it alot but what the fuck man??!?!? Three things:

1 - Eww cooties!

So Kirito seems like he's finally going to man up and put the moves on Asuna. He gives her a kiss and then says he wants to be with her tonight. Then it's time to do the deed and he seriously gays up like your standard harem lead. This is why the birthrate in Japan is dropping.

2 - I don't want to be with you... so marry me

Perhaps the biggest wtf of the entire series. Kirito should be taken out back and shot for this one

3 - Newlywed sex life rivaling 90 year olds with no viagra

This is the biggest facepalm. These two are married... yet they have separate beds. What... the... hell? The idea that high school kids (especially high school boys) have zero sex drive takes more suspension of disbelief than the idea that people are trapped in a virtual MMO.

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Heh, I remember your rant about these anime guys having no sex drive, watching porn, and ignoring chicks who are in love with them.

In addition to no sex drive sterotype, you remind me that I have to make a blog and do a study on why anime guys get off of little girls calling Oniichan (big brother). If you translate it, it loses it connotation or its cute effect.

Speaking of birthrate in Japan, did you finish Tari Tari? The anime makes a big reference to the birthrate which affects the characters to some degree.


Crud, I didn't mean to derail the discussion.

The ending of Sword Art Online's Season one was decent. It was surprising that they just end the match with a Deus Ex Machina. Kirito just came back to life and stab Kayaba. I hated Kayaba's answer to why he caused over 4,000 people to died because he wanted to build a fricking castle in the sky. That's a lack of motivation right there. His dream was pathetic.

He should have been like, I wanted to be god and rule over this world. That's me. For romance, I have a hard time getting in Kirito and Asuna's relationship. It just feels fake.

If I compared to Fate Zero's Kiritsugu and Iris, their love for each other was deep. Kirito and Asuna's relationship feels shallow but not shallow than Campione's harem.

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When the players went inside that empty room, I thought it was going to take a really dark turn. For a second it looked like they would be each other's boss and that they would fight to the last one to make it pass the next floor.

The only things more ridiculous than Kayaba's reason for starting the game was Kirito's response. If Kirito had gotten angry, I could have written Kayaba as some crazy guy. However, Kirito said he understood. That means that the show recognizes that Kayaba's answer was at least morally grey. That was terrible.

I still don't understand what just happened. Why didn't Asuna's mind disappear like the other people? How did Kirito come back to life?

Well, it's another sad episode of Sword Art Online. This episode, for some reason, managed to be creepy and sad at the same time.

Episode 15

  • It was nice that they were able to show that Kirito has not completely gotten rid of all his MMO habits.
  • @takashichea: Get ready to update that Kirito relationship blog. Season two looks like he will find at least one girl who will be interested in him.
  • On that note, it seems like Suguha has a huge crush on Kirito. They even referenced that scene where Kirito pokes Asuna' cheek after they have sex.
  • For some reason Asuna attracts all the creepy older men, the only exception being Kirito. There is a chance that the guy may have been marrying Asuna for the position to inherit her father's company, but the guy took way too much pleasure smelling her hair and touching her mouth.
  • I'm not digging those elf ears in the opening.
  • Kirito's new hairstyle looks alot like Zack from Final Fantasy 7.
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Eh, love between cousins. Jesus, what the hell is wrong with the show. Some cultures call it taboo while others are okay with it.

I'm a little disturbed when I see Kirito poking Sugu since Sugou did the same to Asuna. It appears that Asuna is somewhere stuck online. When I read the article on the new season, I was a little mad yet happy that the creators brought back Yui. They just teased us with this stuff. Though, Sachi and the others won't come back alive.

Kirito did a Deus Ex Machinima back in episode 14.

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Episode 15 New dude is awesome. He became my favorite as soon as he sniffed a comatose girl and started playing with her mouth. Also, lol incest. The series gets better and better. I'm sure they'll return to the virtual world but the real world has been a lot more interesting so true.
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Dont know if you guys noticed or not, but Yuki Kajiura is composing this series' OST

<--------- Die hard Yuki Kajiura fan XD

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Naw, Kirito's hair is too short to be like Zack's. Zack is much more handsome.


Isn't that right? Regarding Yuki Kajiura, my mind is blown.


What a pedophile!
What a pedophile!

Got your image!

I never knew they sexualize Asuna so much in the doujinshi world. I feel like the author is just taking advantage of Asuna's popularity with that infamous chapter in the web novel. Oh well, at least the other girls are "unharmed."

Hopefully, we will see the other characters in the real world.

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@takashichea: Well, she's either 18 or 19 so he's not pedo, just creepy and disturbing. On another note, I haven't read the manga or novels or whatever they are but in a lot of anime I always wish that they would show the aftermath of the world changing event but they usually don't. That even takes place in the last half of the last episode and it ends there. I like that SAO actually seems like the second half is going to be focused on coping with what happened in the first half... although I get the feeling that he's going to dive back in and most of the time will be spent in the virtual world searching for Asuna. I hope maybe 2-4 episodes is spent on that, a few spent on how other people are coping with the real world, and some on the people who committed actual murder (maybe some become real world serial killers or something).

Also related to Ep 15, I like how Kirito spared with his sister and was using all of the stuff he learned in SAO. Especially when it was done and he went to put his sword back into its sheath, only to realize that he didn't have one.

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@sickVisionz said:

@takashichea: Well, she's either 18 or 19 so he's not pedo, just creepy and disturbing.

You mean Asuna? I remember her telling Kirito that she's 17.

@takashichea: Yea I dunno when the release date for the OST is though, I dont think it was announced yet.

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@UsachanMaN: I thought he was 17 and she was a year older than him. 17 is legal tender so regardless of which age she is, dude isn't pedo. Technically if she's 17 and Kirito is 16, she's the pedofile.

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