Switzerland is a anime/manga character in the Hetalia Axis Powers franchise
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He is the character that represents the country, Switzerland, in the franchise, Hetalia: Axis Powers. He cares very much for his little sister, Liechtenstein, and he may harbor a slight dislike for Austria.

"Get off my property!"
"Get off my property!"
He was given the human name, "Basch Zwingli"  (also alternatively romanized as Vasch, Vash, or Bache). He is a neutral through the wars and lives in the Alps. He is usually seen frowning and has a bit of a temper. Although he is relatively peaceful, he can also be seen toting a gun around, and gets trigger-happy when he sees Italy running through his property. Apparently, he is the biggest manufacturer of guns and has the best military strength. He found Liechtenstein in an alley on a rainy day and took her into his care. He questions why she cut her hair and decides to buy a ribbon for her, after people mistook her for being his little brother (which also emphasizes their similar appearances). 
Back when Switzerland was friends with Austria
Back when Switzerland was friends with Austria
As a child, Switzerland was best friends with Austria. However he often became upset after Austria had to constantly be bailed out at war, despite the fact that he learned to fight from Swtizerland. He currently denies any past relations with Austria, and is often annoyed by his very presence. It also bothers him that his current relations with Liechtenstein reminds him of Austria as shown on one occasion when Switzerland wipes her mouth with a napkin and complains before he has a flashback of his younger self wiping Austria's mouth with a napkin and complaining with the exact same line.
"Tell us what you think, Japan!"
"Tell us what you think, Japan!"
He has also been shown to yell at Japan for not speaking his mind on two occasions, but other than that, their relationship remains fairly unclear. He also appears to dislike France when he saw the country buck naked at the Olympics and fired a warning shot. He then told the most inappropriate country, "Don't show your ugly thing here." and then arrested him. Further proof of his protectiveness of Liechtenstein was his attempt to teach her how to properly defend her borders. Unfortunately, he ends up failing his objective as she gets distracted by the cute pictures he drew. 
When Liechtenstein points out that Switzerland had struggled during the Great Depression as well and asks him why he helped her back then, he replies (while blushing) that "I only did what anyone else would have done...it was my duty as a country." Although, he also adds that he couldn't just leave her there either. It is then revealed that Switzerland helped her out of the Swiss called "solidarität" or "social solidarity" and that he did not expect anything from her in return for helping his neighbor country out in a time of crisis.
General Information Edit
Name: Switzerland
Name: スイス
Romanji: Suisu
Gender: Male
Birthday: 08/01/1291
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Hetalia: Axis Powers #23
1st anime movie:
Aliases Basch Zwingli
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Attractive Male
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