Sket Dance #5 - Switch Off

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 10/03/2008

Plot Summary

Plot Summary

This volume covers Sket Dan's requests that ranges from cleaning a shed for Yamanobe, figuring out Dante's request, dealing with Momoka and Hime toddlers, setting up a story for Yoshihiko (principal's grandfather), Switch helping Reiko buy a computer, baby sitting Yoshiko, and helping Shinzo's brother, Shinpei, find the Shinzo's lost shinai.

Also, in this volume, Switch explains how his past with his dead, younger brother changed life and where his nickname come from. It is a tragic origin story.


Japanese Released Date: October 3, 2008.

American Released Date: None.

Chapter 36: Confounded Angels - "Ayamachi no enjeru" (過ちのエンジェル)

Chapter 37: The Little Princess in High Spirits - "Ritoru purinsesu wa kibun jōjō" (リトルプリンセスは気分上々)

Chapter 38: A New Take on Momotaro - "Kaijide kure yō momotarō" (改じでくれよう桃太郎)

Chapter 39: Otaku and Occult - "Otaku to okaruto" (オタクトオカルト)

Chapter 40: Running Home Run - "Ranningu hōmuran" (ランニングホームラン)

Chapter 41: Brothers - "Ani, otōto" (兄・弟)

Chapter 42: Switch Off, Part 1 - "Suichi ofu zenpen" (スイッチ・オフ 前編)

Chapter 43: Switch Off, Part 2 - "Suichi ofu chūhen" (スイッチ・オフ 中編)

Chapter 44: Switch Off, Part 3 - "Suichi ofu kōhen" (スイッチ・オフ 後編)

Extra 1: Puppet Dance - "Papetto dansu" (パペット・ダンス)

Extra 2: Resort Dance - "Rizōto dansu" (リゾートダンス)


Full Plot Summary

Request: Confounded Angels

As Sket Dan cleans up a shed for Yamanobe, Ayumi Kuramoto appears and asks them to help Dante. Although Dante is very shy, his lack of communication drives Hime and Bossun crazy. Eventually, Switch and the members think that Dante drop the Lazy Musaborou figure. Yet, Dante is actually talking about dropping a concert ticket.

The Little Princess in High Spirits

Hime and Momoka accidentally drinks Chuuma's elixir that reverts them to little children. Bossun has to watch them, and he has to take the two girls with him as he shops for ingredients for the antidote.

Request: A New Take on Momotaro

The principal asks Sket Dan to make a story, kamishibai, to amuse his grandson, Yoshihiko, but Sket Dan fails when the principal turns down their ideas.

Request: Otaku and Occult

At Reiko's request, Switch takes Reiko to the mall to shop for a computer since Reiko wants to make a website to display occult things. While Switch and Reiko shop, Bossun and Hime spies on them. On their way, Reiko encounters a boy who she asked out in middle school. When the boy leaves her after insulting her looks, Switch changes her looks. Switch and Reiko trick the boy, and Reiko scares the boy that he falls in the fountain.

Request: Running Home Run

The principal asks Sket Dan to baby sit his grandson, Yoshihiko. Bossun, Hime, and Switch take him to the ball park, and afterwards, Yoshihiko plays tag with Sket Dan.

Shinzo's story: Brothers

Shinzo argues with his younger brother, Shinpei, and when Shinzo explains to Sket Dan that his brother has lost his shinai. Bossun and the others find out Shinpei is still looking for the shinai and help him retrieve it. Shinzo and Shinpei gain closure on their argument.

Switch's Origin Story: Switch Off Parts 1-3

Switch (An-chan) narrates his story about his younger brother, nicknamed Switch, who has a new software, speech synthesis. Switch's younger brother's work impresses Sawa, Switch and his younger brother's childhood friend. Earlier, Sawa explains that she has been stalked, and when she receives a disturbing letter, An-chan sends Switch to accompany her to buy a taser.

Meanwhile, An-Chan bumps into Hirai Yukino, Sawa's friend. An-chan tells Hirai that Switch and Sawa are shopping, and Hirai points out to the stalker Mikami whose past involves stabbing students during middle school.

An-Chan grabs Mikami, but he learns from Mikami that it is Hirai who stabs the students. It is too late when An-Chan arrives to see Hirai fatally stabs Switch. Switch dies from his wounds. This devastates An-Chan who changes his looks to keep Switch's memory alive. However, An-Chan's looks makes Sawa sad, and Sawa tells An-Chan that she will move because this town keeps reminding her of Switch and An-Chan.


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