Switch Off

Switch Off is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 09/22/2011

Kazuyoshi's origin story has continue off when Sawa receives a threatening letter from her stalker. After she tells Kazuyoshi and Masafumi, Masafumi proposes that Sawa should buy a device that sets off an alarm. Feeling that Sawa likes Masafumi, Kazuyoshi urges them to buy it without him. Later, Kazuyoshi finds Yukino who tells him about Mikami, and as Kazuyoshi captures Mikami. He finds out about the true stalker. However, Kazuyoshi arrives too late. In the end, he loses both of his friends as he transforms himself into his brother's image.

Plot Summary

Sawa gets disappointed
Sawa gets disappointed

After Sawa finds a threatening letter in her mailbox, she reveals it to Kazuyoshi who reads it. Kazuyoshi wants her to call the police, but Masafumi states that the police cannot do anything unless someone’s injured. He explains that Sawa must improve her self-defense such as walking home with a friend. Masafumi wonders if they can catch the perpetrator, and Kazuyoshi thinks they should go buy stuff at the store. When Sawa thinks about a stun gun, Masafumi informs them that they cannot carry a stun gun, but a device that makes an alarm sound is appropriate. Sawa agrees with Masafumi’s idea which makes Kazuyoshi feel like he cannot protect Sawa. Before Sawa can go with Kazuyoshi, Kazuyoshi tells them that he has plans and wants Masafumi to go with Sawa. As Kazuyoshi urges them to go, Sawa keeps calling him brother much to his annoyance. With Kazuyoshi standing in front of the mirror, Sawa walks off, and Masafumi points to their childhood photo of them. He tells Kazuyoshi that he does not like it when his brother acts this way.

Kazuyoshi calls Masafumi
Kazuyoshi calls Masafumi

After the two leaves, Kazuyoshi thinks back when they ask Sawa which one of them she will marry. Sawa answers that she will marry Kazuyoshi. Then the flashback shifts to yesterday where Sawa tells Masafumi that she will marry him. Suddenly, Sawa’s phone rings (Sawa forgot to bring), and as Kazuyoshi puts it away, he spots Sawa’s friend, Yukino, by his gate. Outside, Yukino learns that Sawa has left and tells Kazuyoshi that she has information about her stalker. Yukino explains that the stalker’s name is Mikami Shinji who attacked a classmate with a knife back in middle school. With Kazuyoshi stunned, Yukino states that Mikami will eventually give up on Sawa. Meanwhile, Masafumi and Sawa have a hard time finding the store. When Masafumi’s phone rings, he gets a call from his brother who tells him to watch out for Mikami. Before Kazuyoshi can tell Masafumi about what had happened earlier, Yukino alerts him about Mikami who is at the corner. Kazuyoshi ends his call, and Yukino realize that Sawa is with Kazuyoshi’s brother. Kazuyoshi explains where they are, and Yukino asks Kazuyoshi if Sawa is going out with him. He replies that his brother is going with Sawa.

Yukino finds them
Yukino finds them

Back with Sawa and Masafumi, Masafumi compliments Sawa for being popular which Sawa calls him a flatterer. He asks Sawa if she remembers the fireworks display and how they got lost in the festival. As the fireworks are soaring, Masafumi explains that his brother is the same and that he always looks out for them. His words reassure Sawa who smiles. In front of Kazuyoshi’s home, Yukino’s face alerts Kazuyoshi that Mikami is nearby, and Kazuyoshi chases after him while Yukino leaves the scene. Kazuyoshi captures Mikami and then backs off since he could have a knife. After taking Mikami’s bag, he finds no knife, and Mikami explains to Kazuyoshi that he has no chance to confess to Sawa his love for her. However, Kazuyoshi grabs him by the collar and states that he stabbed someone, but Mikami explains that he used to go out with Yukino. He explains that when he broke up with Yukino to be with Sawa, Yukino stabbed a student. At the same time, Yukino finds Masafumi and Sawa.

Masafumi dies
Masafumi dies

Kazuyoshi runs as quick as he can to protect his loved ones, and as it begins to rain, Yukino states that Sawa is off on a date in a sarcastic manner. As Yukino reaches in her purse, she tells Sawa that even though he dumped you, she tried to make sure that Sawa never found out. When Yukino walks over to Sawa and says that she has nothing, she pulls out her knife. Masafumi grabs Sawa and gets stabbed by Yukino. The scene blacks out. Later, Kazuyoshi rushes to find Masafumi collapsing to the ground with a stab wound on his back. As the ambulance takes off, Kazuyoshi trembles as the police tries to comfort Sawa, and the police arrests Yukino. Kazuyoshi runs after his brother, but the police stop him. Later, Kazuyoshi’s parents sob as Masafumi’s body lies on the ground in a white shroud. At the police, the man states that Yukino has originally intended to kill Sawa, but the police states that she has made a mistake that Masafumi is Sawa’s boyfriend. Kazuyoshi realizes that he caused Yukino to kill his brother and begins to cry.

Sawa also tells Switch that she loves him, too
Sawa also tells Switch that she loves him, too

At the funeral, Kazuyoshi learns that Sawa has not come to the funeral due to the shock. At home, Kazuyoshi remembers how Masafumi likes the name, “Switch,” as he stares at his younger brother’s glasses. He wonders if Switch does not exist in the world. The following day, Kazuyoshi visits a barber. Even though Kazuyoshi confesses that he wants to kill himself, he arrives home in Switch’s attire and hair style. This shocks his mother who asks him why. Kazuyoshi replies that he wants to keep Switch’s presence alive. The following day, Kazuyoshi reveals his new looks to Sawa who thinks he is stupid and punishing himself. She cries that she is not strong like Kazuyoshi, yet he tells her to take care. Kazuyoshi confesses that he loved her, and Sawa agrees. She runs away, and Kazuyoshi narrates that another person left his word.

Kazuyoshi finally cries for his brother
Kazuyoshi finally cries for his brother

At school, Kazuyoshi’s classmates gossip about his new looks and how that Kazuyoshi wants them to call him Switch. They also comment that Kazuyoshi has not shed a tear at his brother’s funeral. Another day has pass, Kazuyoshi feels a sharp pain his heart as he sets out for school. While he walks, he wonders what he is doing. Later that night, Kazuyoshi remembers Masafumi’s words and Kazuyoshi apologizes. More words come out, and Kazuyoshi close the window. He sees Yukino’s face on the window, and he starts crying as the fireworks start exploding in the sky. Masafumi talks about seeing the fireworks. In the morning, Kazuyoshi works on the computer to bring back his younger brother’s voice back. Finally, Kazuyoshi has got the right voice, and a hand emerges from the door.

When the flashback ends, the credits reveal Switch’s past once again.

After the Credits

Momoka does her voice for her character, Maji, in front of Bossun, Hime, Shinpei, and Shinzo. When Shinzo tells his brother that Momoka is his pupil, Momoka gets angry. Hime and Bossun convince her to accept Shinpei but only at Hime’s request. Shinpei begins to cling to Momoka (not physically) that she wants to keep him away. When Bossun asks Switch why he’s smiling, his hand resembles the hand that Switch sees at the end of the origin story. Hime asks Switch to help, but Switch asks if everyone was interested to hear her personal information such as measurements and secrets. Momoka threatens to bury everyone.

Points of Interest

  • Switch's glasses are not real lens as he explains to his mother.
  • To this day: Kazuyoshi (Switch) regrets causing Yukino to kill his little brother.
  • Kazuyoshi confesses to Sawa that he always loved her, and Sawa returned his love back, but they will never see each other again.
  • Different theme song ("Kioku (キヲク)" by The Sketchbook) is different and gives a tribute to Switch’s origin story.

  • Switch’s laptop’s voice is the combination of Kazuyoshi and Masafumi.

  • Part of the opening: When Switch takes off his glasses, the fireworks remind him of Sawa and Masafumi.

Memorable quotes

  • Sawa: “Bro, let’s go see the fireworks again sometime, the three of us!”

Manga & Anime Differences

No Cellphone
No Cellphone
  • In the anime, Kazuyoshi hears Sawa’s cellphone go off after Sawa and Masafumi go off shopping. Compared to the manga, the scene did not occur.
  • Unlike the anime, the police scene is not fully revealed, and Kazuyoshi did not have a nervous breakdown.
  • The scenes where Kazuyoshi goes to school after taking on his little brother’s persona are a bit different in manga and anime. Both versions contain gossip from the classmates and how Switch has an ache in his chest at home. The anime has scenes spanning several days.
  • Unlike the anime, the hand that reaches out to Switch is ambiguous, but it is presumed to be Bossun’s hand. Compared to the anime, the hand is revealed to be Bossun’s during the ending clips after the credits.
  • Anime only scene: Sawa and Masafumi got lost during the fireworks festival. In the manga, it does not occur, but the conversation is altered. Sawa states the man she likes does not know (she's referring to Kazuyoshi).

Death of Masafumi is altered

  • In the manga, Yukino yells at them that she will kill them, and Masafumi yells to Sawa to get away. Masafumi takes the knife and gets stabbed in the front of his body. When Kazuyoshi arrives, he finds his brother taken to the ambulance, the police calming Sawa, and Yukino getting arrested.
  • Whereas in the anime, Yukino never announce that she will kill Sawa and just attacks without warning. Masafumi is stabbed in the back of his body, and Kazuyoshi arrives to see Masafumi falling to the side. When the ambulance takes Masafumi’s body, Kazuyoshi attempts to get to Masafumi’s side, but he is stopped by the police.


  • Japanese Name: "Suichi ofu" (スイッチ・オフ)
  • Manga Chapters: Half of 42, 43, and 44 (Volume 5)
  • Opening Theme: "Michi (道)" by The Sketchbook
  • Ending Theme: "Kioku (キヲク)" by The Sketchbook

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Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.


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