Swinging and Meeting

Swinging and Meeting is an anime episode of Tari Tari that was released on 07/15/2012
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Kona’s Choir club has fallen apart before it had a chance to start. That hasn’t stopped her; she just needs to find 3 new members.
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Plot Summary

The stranger and his pig chases Wakana
The stranger and his pig chases Wakana

A young boy gets bullied, and his sister saves him (the young boy is implied to be Taichi during a flashback). Konatsu takes a bath. Her younger brother, Makoto, says he is quitting the choir club along with his friends. Makoto thinks he has the upper hand, as he already got rid of his porn stash. To his surprise, Konatsu actually found out where his porn stash was from their mother anyways. On the way to school, Wakana bike chain comes loose, and a man walking a pet pig finds her. The man speaks Spanish and fixes the bike chain for her. He notices Wakana's backpack strap and seems to recognize her from somewhere. Wakana gets scared because she misunderstands the man's enthusiasm and rushes off on her bike.

At school, Konatsu and Taichi learn that the Vice Principal is dissolving their respective clubs (badminton and choir) until they have enough members. Taichi tries to appeal to the Principal's authority, but since the Principal has been hospitalized, the Vice Principal will act in his place. In class, Sawa asks what Konatsu is going to do. Konatsu asks Taichi to quit badminton, but he refuses to give up on badminton and leaves after calling Konatsu short. Taichi sees Atsuhiro trying to feed a squirrel bread during lunch. But, a bird swoops down and scares the squirrel away. Taichi invites Atsuhiro to play badminton. On the way home, Wakana sees the Spanish man from before. Wakana avoids him. Elsewhere, Atsuhiro is excited that Taichi recruited him to play badminton. However, Taichi still needs 3 more members. Inside Taichi's home, Atsuhiro stumbles upon a woman (Taichi's sister) in her sports undergarments. He bunny hops away in embarrassment. Moments later, Taichi's sister brings them food and comments that Taichi does not normally bring friends over since he's so focused on badminton.

Konatsu and the girls vs Taichi and Atsuhiro
Konatsu and the girls vs Taichi and Atsuhiro

In a committee meeting with adults, they discuss what they can do for the Western Shopping District Festival. They discuss lots of ideas from a swimsuit contest to fireworks, but Shiho suggests a singing contest, which should appeal to all age groups and both males and females. Konatsu challenges Taichi to a badminton match. If Taichi loses, he has to join Konatsu's choir club, if he wins the girls join the badminton club. The match will be the badminton club (Taichi and Atsuhiro) versus the choir club (Konatsu, Sawa and Wakana), 3 on 2. The girls serve first, all at the same time, and Taichi counters all three of them. Sawa bounces one back, Atsuhiro tries to spike Sawa's throw, but the birdie lands in the net. Ultimately Taichi and Atsuhiro lose the match. Later, Taichi asks Konatsu if she wants to be a professional singer. Taichi explains that he wants to play professional badminton. Konatsu hands him a paper that reveals a new club that combines badminton and singing. At the hospital, the Principal is visited by the choir/badminton club and tells them that Wakana's mother was a talented singer. The Vice Principal arrives with documents for the Principal to look over. She tries to crumble and throw away the club approval form, but Wakana picks it up and the Principal gives it his seal of approval. The Principal doesn't understand why the Vice Principal is so against Konatsu making a choir club.

It's a beautiful day at the beach, and summer break has started. Konatsu and Sawa notice a Festival poster. When Shiho explains that they will be selecting singers for the Festival, and each business will have singers representing different types of music from around the world, Konatsu asks to do an audition. Back at school, Atsuhiro asks if Wakana is going to the beach after summer class, she says no. When she leaves, she runs into the same Spanish man, who is determined not to let her run away. Over at the beach, Konatsu, Sawa, and Taichi do their audition, and they pick up the pace, and a small audience, when two patrons join in on guitar and improvised percussion.

Points of Interest

  • The Principal says before he met Wakana's mother, he was a "morendo". A morendo is a musical dynamic which translates to "dying away".


  • Japanese Name: "Futtari Deattari" (振ったり 出会ったり)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masakazu Higuchi Director
Kanami Sekiguchi Character Artist/Designer
Shiro Hamaguchi Music Shiro Hamaguchi has created music for multiple anime series.


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