Swimwear Concepts

Swimwear is a anime/manga thing
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Bathing Scene

Bathing Scenes, while occasionally meaningful to plot or character development, are generally excuses for fan service.

Beauty Pageant

Want to go that extra mile in the beauty pageant? Try strutting your stuff in a bikini to really catch the attention of the judges.

Big Boobs

Bikinis only emphasize a busty woman's chest even more. However, larger breasts mean an increased chance of a wardrobe malfunction.


A very popular concept in hardcore ero-anime and manga. It is an act of sexuality by binding someone male or female with ropes and or chains. It also includes placing them in a humiliating, and vulnerable positions. It has also been used as a form of erotic torture.

Butt Punch

Don't provoke a woman in a bikini, she might attack you with one of her deadliest weapons; her behind.


Some cross-dressers wear bikinis because they believe deep down they truly are female. Other cross-dressers just do it for the thrill. If a closet cross-dresser is seen trying on a bikini they may end up feeling scarred for life.


Ecchi is a Japanese term meaning sexy or erotic, anything that evolves sexy characters. Derived from the word "Hentai" but their meanings are completely different. Ecchi walks that line between sexy, but never crosses it into full graphic nudity or sex.


Eyecatches are short scenes or illustrations used to begin and end a commercial break in anime.

Face Between Breasts

Though it can happen regardless of what the woman is wearing at the time, while in a bikini the opportunity for face-on-breast action is somewhat elevated.

Fan Service

Though not the case one hundred percent of the time, women wearing bikinis in anime and manga is usually considered fan service in and of itself. During the time in which a bikini is being worn, the amount of fan service taking place in anime and manga is often elevated. Because of this, beach episodes are considered a type of "fan service episode".

Fan Service Fight

Fan service fights usually involve the participants flipping their skirts, destroying each other's clothes or wearing revealing clothing, like bikinis.

Gainax Bounce

As stated in the main articles, bikinis offer an excellent opportunity for excessive amounts of Gainax Bouncing. Other than when nude, the breasts are at their bounciest and jiggliest when in bikinis.

Gratuitous Changing Scene

Scenes of characters changing clothes shown in part or entirely for the purpose of fan service.


Made for adult eyes only, Hentai is the genre of anime and manga that focuses on sexually explicit material. Bow chicka wow wow.

Revealing Attire

Bikinis range from being revealing to being barely visible. In fact, bikinis are generally the most revealing attire out there.

Skinship Grope

In anime and manga, girls sometimes admire each other's assets, to the point of groping either with or without permission. This concept applies to any part of the body and either gender, but it's usually all about boobs.


Succubus often wear revealing outfits like bikinis to seduce their pray.

Tan Lines

Stay out in the sun for a while and you're bound to end up with tan lines, whether you wanted them or not.

Thanks for the Mammary

A guy may have the best of intentions, but sometimes he may accidentally grab a boob. These things happen.


What's volleyball on the beach without bikinis and swimsuits?

Wardrobe Malfunction

Those moments when clothing slips or falls off by accident, revealing a little too much. Usually played of for comedic purposes. Wardrobe Malfunction should not be confused with "Clothing Damage" which is usually the after effect of fights.

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