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Adele is a mermaid from Mermaid Cove in Fish-Man Island.

Ai Aihara

A member of the Futa Club.

Ai Hidaka

First Idolmaster Team Up Ryo Akizuki Eri Mizutani and Ai Hidaka

Ai Nanasaki

One of the main heroines of Amagami and a member of the girl's swim team. Ai is usually quiet, calm and collected. She is somewhat mature for her age.

Aika Sumeragi

A beautiful woman skilled in combat and many weapons. She works as a salvager and sometimes takes on missions such as espionage.

Akane Isshiki

Akane is the granddaughter of the creator of the Vivid System and is the first person to use it.

Akane Niimura

A normal girl who joins the Futa Club.

Akane Tendo

Akane Tendo is one of Ranma Saotome's many fiancées. Her father owns the Tendo Dojo, and she stands to inherit the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts by marriage.

Aki Nijou

The school nurse and staff-advisor of Tenbi Gakuen. Has the largest breasts of the cast.

Akina Orifushi

One of the main sisters in the hentai anime Kanojo X Kanojo

Alisa Southerncross

A undead being / toy doll who feasts on aliens to gain humanity. She has a crush on Fuyuki Hinata due to his liking of the supernatural.


Alleyne, the ageless elven combat instructor with 1000 years of experience.


The Princess of Planet Arus, who later pilots the Blue Lion after Sven was badly injured. She has recently stepped down from the Voltron Force to serve as Queen of Arus, her niece Larmina replaced her as the Blue Lion pilot.

Amane Amemiya

One of four women who tutors Touya.

Ami Nekota

A friend of Kei and Nanami. She has a huge crush on Kurama.

Amika Kurebayashi

She is in love with Ryo, or "Ryo-sama".


Amy is a 15 year old Genki native messenger who encounters Ledo and acts his guide.

Amy Rose

The self-proclaimed girlfriend to Sonic, Amy is a pink Hedgehog and the first female main character in the Sonic game series.

Angol Mois

The "Queen of Terror" who was sent to planet Earth to arrive in July 1999 for Earth's destruction, as predicted by Nostradamus but arrived 500 years too early and takes a nap in orbit, until she wakes up 5 years late. Now she assists Keroro in conquering the planet.

Aoi Kurosaki

A character from the Devilman Lady franchise. A friend/rival of Juns from High School who developed the Devil Beast Syndrome.


The busty coach of the Hamazaki school's swimming team in the Frogman series.

Apollon Agana Belea

The Greek god of the sun. His father is Zeus and his uncle is Hades.

Arcueid Brunestud

The White Princess, Arcueid is a True Ancestor who lost much of her poer to Roa. She devotes her time now to hunting down and slaying Roa every time he reincarnates.

Asa Mizushima

Aya Honami

Aya Honami is one of two main heroines in Glass no Megami, and she is a 2nd year student of commercial science.

Aya Itou

A member of the Futa Club.

Aya Toujo

Toujo is the mystery girl with the strawberry panties that Junpei has been seeking.

Ayame Fudo

A Police Officer investigating the monster attacks around Moena's School. She also seeks to find out who Angel Blade really is.

Ayame Shaga

Yō's half-Italian first cousin who is an avid gamer and will often use her wily ways to get him to do what she wants. She is also a bento brawler known as the Beauty by the Lake (湖の麗人 Mizūmi no Reijin?)

Ayla V. Roznovsky

One of the competitors competing for the title of Cosmic Beauty. Ayla is a seventeen year old skilled in swimming.

Ayuko Hayamizu

She is a Swiming coach and owner of swimming clue. She also was a 1992 Olympics gold medalist.

Ayumi Tokita

A shy girl who works at the rival beach house with her dad.

Azusa Nakano

In the K-ON! episode "Camp Again!" Azusa wears a pink one-piece swimsuit.

Balder Hringhorni

The Norse god of light. He is clumsy and ungraceful but attracts small animals to him.


She's a 18 year old salvage business operator who can pilot a boat and understand Red's mech suit's technology.

Bisca Mulan

In the Fairy Tail episode "Battle of Fairy Tail" and OAD "Welcome to Fairy Hills!!" Bisca wears a burgundy bikini.


Bolin is the brother of Mako and earthbender for the pro-bending team the Fire Ferrets.

Cammy White

the second female character introduced in street fighter

Cana Alberona

In Fairy Tail, Cana's main outfit incorporates a blue bikini top. In the episodes "Who's The One With The Good Luck?" and "Natsu vs. Gildarts" Cana wears a striped orange and green bikini.


Chaika is a character from the Asobi ni Ikuyo franchise and is a member of the Catian race.


A large-chested wolf whose face we never see. She seems to be the only one who calls Satou "Wanko".

Charlotte E. Yeager

Charlotte E. Yeager is one the 501st Joint Fighter Wing from the Liberion Forces. She is the queen of speed.

Chiaki Kurihara

Chiaki Kurihara is the daughter of the captain of the space ship Barbarrosa who transfoers to Marika Kato's school to observe her.

Chiharu Arisawa

Friend of Kaori Kinoshita who has a crush on Tetsuro in "Waiting in the Summer".

Chiharu Shinonome

Chiharu is one of the newest members of the eiken club. She is popular and aced the entrance exams

Chika Koizumi

Ryota's level-headed childhood friend that has an unyielding spirit.

Chinatsu Furuhashi

One of the main characters of the hantai Sweet Home

Chise Umenomori

The heiress of the Umenomori family. She treats Takumi as her servant and is willing to help him with anything.

Chizuru Minamoto

The busty, aggressive female lead in the anime Kanokon, she attends classes at Kunpo High in Japan. She is in fact a powerful Kitsune demon that falls deeply in love with Kouta Oyamada after laying eyes upon him. Extremely affectionate and not afraid to show her love in public.

Christina Sierra

A member of Celestial Being who is a crew-member onboard the CBS-70 Ptolemaios. She was killed during season 1 with Lichtendahl Tsery.

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