Slayers Knight Of The Aqua Lord #1 - SWEPT AWAY, What Is This Place?

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on

Plot Summary

After meeting the enigmatic woman Hureika in a seaside village during her travels, the beautiful genius sorceress Lina Inverse’s fate takes a dramatic turn. Separated from her partner Gourry, she finds herself swept ashore onto an unfamiliar land. Faced with violent monsters, she is suddenly unable to wield her magic. But her grand adventures only begin once she is saved by Lyos, a boy who claims himself to be the “Knight of the Aqua Lord”

Table Of Content

01 - SWEPT AWAY, What Is This Place?

02 - UNDERSTANDING, Is This For Real!?

03 - SETTING OFF, A Trick Of The Mind.

04 - BATTLING, Parting Ways.

05 - LEGENDS, The Great Hero!?

06 - FULL SPEED AHEAD, A Forest Festival!?

Spells Use

Lina InverseBurst Flare
Dug Haut
Vice Freeze
Fire Ball
Dragon Slave
Blam Gush
Digger Volt
Zelas Brid
Freeze Arrow
Mega Brand


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Hajime Kanzaka writer,
Tommy Ohtsuka artist,
Rui Araizumi other,


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