Ellen Degeneres Takes On Anime

Topic started by gia on July 10, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 5 years, 8 months ago.
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Everybody loves Ellen. She's nice, she's unthreatening, she's funny, and she's willing to do some really goofy dances on camera. What more could you want from a talk show host?

Why, yuri, of course! And now fans of Ellen will get it, too: AfterEllen.com will be embedding Crunchyroll's release of Aoi Hana. You can also read a review of the series by yuri's greatest advocate, Erica Friedman, on the same site. Erica's Okazu blog, by the way, is my source.

I always fantasized about going on the Colbert Report and having one of those awkward interviews where I try to explain why anime isn't the devil in a semi-serious fashion while Stephen Colbert, true to TV persona, interrupts me constantly, but hey, this isn't a bad start either.
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Gia: It would be nice to think that Ellen would be a dyed in the wool yuri fan that does a damn good job of hiding her power level, unfortunately the site is a part of the Logo media network and has nothing to do with the talk show host herself.  The site name is a reference to the presence of gay/lesbian actors/newscasters/personalities/politicians in mainstream media after her landmark TV episode where she "comes out", so to speak.

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@HSaabedra: Wow, way to burst our bubble. On the plus side I got all tingly because of the fun combination of expressions you used there.
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I been wanting someone to chance on shows like this.  I hope right stuff international knows about this and is calling Ellen Degeneres has I'm posting this and ask her to put some Maria-sama ga Miteru on her web site has well. 

The whole older women/ young married women market out their that anime can appeal to.  Not just Yuri, but Shojo has well.

Peach Girl, His and her Circumstances, Boys over Flowers, Boys Be and Paradise Kiss.  I could go on and on.  I hope this is start to something big. 

I found her Twitter page and she has over 2,378,525 following her.  If only 10% of that go to her AfterEllen.com site and see Aoi Hana that would get more people into anime than any con or tv spot could do.  

Even only half of the 10% like the show.
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Cool! You too? I've thought about what would happen if I was in one of those funny interviews (no clue why, but just for fun I guess) that Colbert does. I think he'd probably be confused out of his mind at me since I'm Catholic just like him in addition to the fact that I'm a huge proponent of the "AMERICA!! **** YEAH!!!" mentality that he has, so he wouldn't be able to pull the "Why do you hate America?" line...

Though he could easily use the Engineer + Nerd cards on me for some good jokes I'm sure.
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