Swarm of the Century

Swarm of the Century is an anime episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that was released on 12/17/2010
Parasprites, furry little multiplying creatures, descend upon Ponyville and begin to devour everything and it's up to the ponies to find a solution.
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Plot Summary

Swarm of the Century
Air Dates
December 17, 2010
June 3, 2013
Theme Music
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Mirai Start
My Little Pony theme song (version 1)
Kataomoi no Karaage
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Princess Celestia is scheduled to visit Ponyville and though it's only casual, the villagers are treating it seriously so everyone, including the girls, are out preparing for her arrival. For Twilight Sparkle, her reputation with the princess is on the line so everything must be perfect, so she spends the day cleaning the library and supervising the villagers. Outside of town, Fluttershy is picking flowers for the princess near the Everfree Forest when she encounters a parasprite: an adorable winged insect with an appetite so huge, it eats the entire barrel of apples that she brought along. While its appetite is disturbing, Fluttershy finds that its outweighed by its cuteness.

Fluttershy brings her new friend to the Sugarcube Corner to show the girls, but is surprised to see that she suddenly has three of them. Twilight, who was there checking on the banquet, takes one of the critters off her hands, (Or hooves, shut up.) also thinking that it’s cute and figuring that it'll make a good companion for Spike. Pinkie Pie, though, is disgusted by the creature and runs out, curiously, to find a trombone. Twilight then heads to Carousel Boutique to check in on Rarity, who is designing a fru-fru outfit for Rainbow Dash. When Twilight takes out her parasprite to show them, she too is surprised to see that she now has three. (You see where this is going?) Rarity and Rainbow Dash take the two spare parasprites and Twilight retires to the library for the night.

When Twilight awakens, she is shocked to see that the entire library is full of the winged creatures. Spike admits that he gave theirs a snack during the night, but doesn't know where the new ones came from. It becomes clear that parasprites multiply after they eat. Also, the parasprites are now making a mess of the library, so Twilight and Spike start rounding them up before they could cause more problems. Rainbow Dash and Rarity are also greeted by a large number of them, but Rarity doesn't seem to mind: in fact, she has put them to good use, using them to help around the shop. But this opinion changes once she finds out that they reproduce though hawking up new bugs. So after the three round up their individual swarms, they all go to Fluttershy to see if she can help. But time is not on their side: the princess is still due to arrive in town later in the day, so they must get rid of the insects, and clean up their mess, as soon as possible.

Fluttershy has also failed to keep the creatures under control and their numbers are increasing by the second. Applejack arrives at the cottage with a cart of apples, which are all eaten as soon as she stops. Applejack agrees to use her herding skills to round up the parasprites and, with the help of the girls, push them back into the Everfree Forest. But when the girls go back to the cottage, they learn that Fluttershy couldn't resist keeping at least one parasprite for herself, which had since multiplied into another huge swarm. Rainbow Dash takes immediate action, using her skills to create a small twister that sucks up the remaining parasprites. This works until Pinkie Pie meets the girls with a pair of cymbals, which are sucked up by Rainbow's twister. Rainbow, trying to avoid the instruments, loses control and releases the swarm upwards and down onto Ponyville.

The girls scold Pinkie Pie for her behavior, and for making the situation worse. Ever since she first saw Fluttershy's parasprite, Pinkie Pie had been doing nothing but finding random instruments, instead of dealing with the creatures. Considering that this is Pinkie they're talking about, they never stop to ask their friend about her nonsensical plan, which she is feels must be carried out with the utmost urgency. So girls decide to just leave her alone and rush back to Ponyville.

Back in Ponyville, the parasprites have begun feasting on the town's food and gardens. To stop them, Twilight uses a spell that hypnotizes the creatures into stop eating food. But instead, they start eating everything else. The threat now worsened, Rarity declares that it's "everypony for herself". So while the gang deals with the infestation at their homes, Twilight takes a parasprite into the forest to seek the help of Zecroa. But her new friend’s advice is grim: if the insects are devouring Ponyville, they're pretty much doomed.

Twilight returns to Ponyville as Princess Celestia's chariot makes its flight towards the village. Overstressed, Twilight tries to organize an irrational, last-ditch plan to build an exact replica of the town in the next minute. Suddenly, the sounds of a marching band are heard in the distance and Twilight fears that Celestia has arrived. Instead, she is surprised to see Pinkie Pie, marching through town with her collected instruments. More surprisingly, the music she's playing has stopped the destruction of the parasprites, who are now following her. Puzzled, Twilight and the rest of the girls follow her out of town. Along the way, they are greeted by Princess Celestia who, after initial surprise, expresses her delight to the "parade" that the town had organized for her.

In a stroke of good luck, Celestia had come by to cancel the visit to Ponyville, being asked to respond to a crisis in Fillydelphia (I know, I know.) regarding an "infestation" of "bothersome creatures". Before she departs, Celestia asks Twilight if she'd like to give her latest friendship report to her in person. Looking over to Pinkie Pie, who is leading the rest of the parasprites back into the forest, she tells Celestia how sometimes the answers to one's problems can come from the least expected places. Regardless of how little sense some ideas may be one should listen to the suggestions and perspectives of their friends. After Celestia departs, the girls go over to Pinkie Pie to apologize for their ignorance. If they had stopped to listen, they may have wouldn't have had to deal with the parasprites. Also, Ponyville would still be in one piece. Cue sad trombone.

Points of Interest

Background Characters

  • Derpy is seen helping with preparations for Celestia's visit.
  • Lyra Heartstrings is seen throughout the episode and when a parasprite eats her pie and going teary eyed afterward.
  • Sweetie Drops is seen throughout the episode and next to Lyra when the parasprite eats her pie.

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James Wootton Director James "Wootie" Wootton is a television director know for his work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Jayson Thiessen Director Jayson Thiessen is a Canadian director, artist and toy maker.
Rob Renzetti Writer Rob Renzetti is an animator and director known for his work on My Life as a Teenage Robot and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Daniel Ingram Music Daniel Ingram is a composer known for his work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Martha Speaks.
William Anderson Music William Anderson is a composer and musician known for his television work.
Sarah Wall Producer Sarah Wall is a producer known for her work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Martha Speaks.
Lauren Faust Executive Producer Lauren Faust is an American animator, producer, writer, and director.


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