Surviving the Cut: The Rookie Nine Together Again!

Surviving the Cut: The Rookie Nine Together Again! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 06/11/2003
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Chunin Exams Arc

Surviving the Cut: The Rookie Nine Together Again! - 第二試験突破!勢ぞろいルーキーナイン! (Daini shiken toppa! seizoroi rūkī nain!)


Opening Theme-

"Haruka Kanata (遥か彼方)" by: Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

Naruto, Saskue, and Sakura have all made it the tower, and read what was on the billboard on the wall. Sakura figured that it wanted them to open the scrolls. When they opened both of them one said "person" while the other said "jin." Saskue told them to drop the scrolls because it was a summoning inscription. Once the scrolls dropped smoke started to rise from them and Iruka appeared. They wonder what he is doing here, and he tells them that they get to greet them once they made it to the tower, and give them a message. He tells them that they made it just in time, and congratulations on passing the second exam. He goes on to say he would like to treat them to Ichiraku ramen but, he gets cut off by Naruto being so excited about getting to eat ramen. He asks Naruto to let him finish but Naruto is to fired up about ramen to even care what he had to say. Sakura finally tells him to shut up, and Iruka can tell he is restless as ever. Saskue ends up asking Iruka what would have happened if they had opened the scrolls during the exam.

Iruka goes on to tell them that this test was to test their mission completion ability. If they had opened up the scrolls that would have been breaking the rules, and that they had the order to knock out any of the examiners until the second exam ended. Once hearing this Saskue asks Naruto and Sakura if they were glad they didn't open it. Of course they are both glad that they didn't open it. Sakura asks Iruka what does the text mean on the wall, because they didn't understand it. Naruto tells her who cares since they passed, but Iruka tells them that is the other message he is suppose to tell them. He tells them that it is a principal that the Hokage wrote and that they should keep it in mind as a Chuunin. He goes on to explain that "heaven" points to a head of a person, and "earth" points to the body. If they did not posses heaven they should gain knowledge and be prepared. He gives an example if Naruto is not using his brain then he should study and prepare for missions. And if they did not posses earth then they should run though the fields and seek strength. And he gives an example of Sakura, if her weakness is strength then she should train herself everyday. And if they posses heaven and earth then any dangerous mission would become a safe one. Sakura asks about the missing letter, and Iruka tells her that it is the letter symbolizing a Chuunin. And that the "human" letter goes in that spot.

He goes on to tell them that since they past the second exam they should not forget about the importance of having strength and knowledge in missions. And that they should not forget the Chuunin principal, and go on to the next step. He then says that is all he had to tell them. Naruto salutes him and says roger but yet Iruka has a worried look on his face. He tells them not to push themselves in the next exam. He was most worried about Naruto, but Naruto tells him that he has graduated from the academy and that he wasn't a kid anymore he was a ninja. Seeing that he was wrong Iruka apologizes to Naruto. He ends up thinking about all he did to make them stop from taking the exam, and realizes he doesn't know their abilities anymore. Back up in the tower, Anko is still feeling a little bit of pain from the cursed seal, but thanks to the third Hokage it was feeling better. They all beginning to talk about Orochimaru and wonder why he was back in the village again. Anko remembers why he was there, and Hokage speaks up and say Saskue right. They end up getting interpreted by another examiner telling them that 21 teams have passed the second exam. And that according to the Chuunin regulations they were going to have to do preliminary matches for the first time in five years. The third Hokage tells Anko that they will go on with the exam and also find out what Orochimaru is up to as well. All the ones that passed the exam are in a big arena type of building, Anko tells them congratulations on passing the exam. She notices that 78 people started the exam but only 21 passed, she wanted to make half of them drop out, and she was thinking that only less then 10 would be able to pass. Looking around Ino realizes that Saskue's team made it.

Shikamaru tells her it would have been trouble some to help them and have them not pass. Gai starts to tell Kakashi that his team must be lucky to pass, and that they were not going to get any father with his team around. Kakashi turns around and asks him if he said anything or not, Gai is shocked that he wasn't even listening to him. Rock Lee ends up telling himself that he will shine for Gai-sensei, and he starts to remember what had happen to him earlier. He tells himself that he never wants to see the tears of his important person again, and that he will not loose. Zaku vows that he is going to get his revenge on Saskue for breaking his arms. As everyone stands there each of the sensei realizes something about there teams. Sakura realizes that all of the Konoha ninjas have made it as well. Saskue though stilling feeling pain from his cursed mark doesn't think it is a good situation. Anko tells them that they will hear rules from the third Hokage about the third exam. The Hokage starts by telling them the true purpose of the exam. He tells them why they do this is exam with other villages. It is to "maintain good relations with the allied nations", and "heighten the level of the ninja."

He tells them not to let this deceive them, that this exam so to "speak" was the epitome of a war between the allied nations. He tells them that back in history nations use to fight all the time, so they decided to pick a place to where they could all fight, thus the Chunnin exam was made. In the third exam federal lords, and famous people from different countries who may be potential clients are invited here as guest, and that they would see their battles. If a country shows great strength then that country would get a lot of jobs, while the weaker ones would decrease. And at the same time countries can show how much they have grown and that they posses excellent military powers. And the greater countries could put pressure on the smaller countries. He also goes on to tell them that the exam was a place for them to show off the ninja power of one's country. And that since with this exam they put their lives on the line, it has a meaning because their predecessors have fought and dreamed of being in the Chunnin exam. And that this was a life or death battle for your dream and villages dignity. Gaara speaks up and tells the third Hokage that he doesn't care about any of that, he wants to hear about the life or death rules of the exam. The third Hokage gets ready to start to tell them the rules when Geekou, one of the judges tells him that he will explain the rules. The Hokage tells him to go ahead. Geekou tells everyone it is nice to meet them, and it seems that he has a really bad cough as well. He tells them that before he can explain the rules there is something he needs for them to do.

Ending Theme-

"Harmonia (ハルモニア)" by Rythem

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