Superbook: Video Bible

Superbook: Video Bible is an anime series
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Professor's son Sho (Christopher) and his girlfriend, Azusa (Joy), are cleaning the attic when they discover an old Bible among the scattered books. A magical "Time Bible," it transports them to the Old Testament era, where they watch the greatest story ever told as it happens around them.

A different take on biblical studies from Tezuka's In the Beginning, this series was seemingly made to cash in on the Bible's status as a worthy international best-seller rather than through any overt religious impetus. The writers introduced Zenmaijikake (Gizmo), a wind-up crusader toy that is brought to life by the Time Bible, and attempted to involve the children in the stories, though events are predestined, so all they can do is try to change them-for example, Eve bites into the apple because Zenmaijikake's clockwork winds down before he can stop her, and, though he shoots up a flare to warn Sho, the children cannot get there in time to stop Adam from taking a bite himself.

Bought for the U.S. market and reedited for the Christian Broadcast Network under the title Superbook, by the time the series reached video, its Japanese origins were almost completely occluded, though the voice actors in the English version included many from the cast of Speed Racer. It was discredited in Christian circles for the introduction of modern characters-instead of making the original more accessible, it was more likely to confuse its young audience who were disappointed not to find robots and time-travelers in the real Bible.

A sequel the following year, Adventures at Tondera [Flying] House, kept the same Time Bokan-inspired kids-and-robot lineup for another 52 episodes; this time young Gen and female foil Kanna are caught in the rain and find shelter in a Western-style house in the forest. The guardian robot Kandenchin is building a time machine that, when struck by lightning, catapults the group into the past, where they witness further biblical events up to and including the story of Christ (though the Nativity and Resurrection had already been included in the former series). The sequel, PC Travel Detectives (1983, aka Trouble Shooters), was set five years after their original adventures with the Time Bible, with an older Chris and Joy, accompanied by Chris's younger brother, Hisashi, thrown into the past by a magic computer.

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Name Superbook: Video Bible
Romaji: Anime Oyako Gekijo
Publisher ?
Start Year 1981
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Aliases Anime Mother and Child Theater
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