VIDEO: A Real Kid Turns Super Saiyan On His Webcam

Topic started by No_name_here on Feb. 16, 2012. Last post by rein 3 years ago.
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this is so retarded.

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haha, this was so random XD

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Man he was going for it....not gonna lie when I was little that seemed like it should work as it does in the show. The only thing stopping me from doing what he did was not having YouTube when I was little.

@Sonata said:

He brought the veins, the music and the intensity. But at the end of the day all he is going to get is a hernia lol.

lol, and this.

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Please do not watch this. It's shota!

Oh, I am so embarrassed for this kid. SO MANY people have reported this video. This is not an awesome display of what being an anime fan is.

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no one can be super saiyans it's a cartoon made up screaming like that will never make you super or special it will never happen i have trained with the most disciplined martial artists who have trianed to there hardist to be what they are and push the boundaries human body train your body train your mind and you will be able to acomplish anything i am not bashing on your dreams i am just realistic

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@xglockx, Thanks for alerting us to reality. Boring, boring reality.

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Damn that kid is really constipated.

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