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Super Robot is a anime/manga concept
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Axel Almer's mech, a towering super robot built for close-quarter-combat.


A giant robot piloted by Goh Saruwatari. It's purpose is to fight the Mimetic Beasts.

Gran Kaiser

Main Piece of the God Gravion.

Neo Okusaer

A robot that is able to merge with Godannar to activate Godannar Twin Drive. It was orignally piloted by Mira Ackerman and later Goh's wife Anna.


Customized NetNavis have unique powers and appearance that differ from the "standard model" Navis.

Paniponi X

A large mech created in a joint venture with M.I.T. and Momotsuki Academy. Paniponi X has a variety of forms ranging from a super robot to a robotic tiger to a goofy version of Eva Unit 01.

Sol Gravion

A stronger version of God Gravion

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