Super Peace Busters

Super Peace Busters is an anime episode of anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day that was released on 04/14/2011

Plot Summary

It is nearing the end of Summer Break. Jinta Yadomi, a teenage boy who has stopped attending high school, is as an introvert who spends most of his time playing video games in his room. Though there appears to be a young woman near him at all times, she casts no reflection, and is unseen by Jinta's father, as well as everyone else. He constantly refers to her as his "stress" or "trauma." But her ability to interact physically with the world around her, as well as appear in locations where Jinta is not present is unlike a typical hallucination.

The girl, Meiko "Menma" Honma, through Jinta's flashback, is introduced as one of his childhood friends. There, he recalls a summer vacation and her words, "Actually... I have a wish." But at this point, years later, neither he nor her spirit remember exactly what she had asked for. However, both agree that the forgotten and unfulfilled wish is probably why she has reappeared "as the mature version of herself."

Anjou Naruko, one of childhood friends that appeared in Jinta's recollection, arrives at his doorstep to deliver his homework for the summer vacation. Dismayed that "Anaru" is also unable to see or hear her, Menma turns onto Jinta, annoyed by his cold reception to his visitor. Jinta tells Menma drop the nickname Anaru, revealing that much had changed in the years she had missed.

As the two decide to take a walk through the city, it becomes clear that Jinta had become a different person than the "Jintan" Menma once knew. Once the leader of his group of friends, Jinta is now crippled by his lack of social skills. He looks down when passing by people he once knew and even goes as far as donning a disguise before leaving the house. But Menma enjoys herself as she explores the city she once lived in, noting the changes in the fast food restaurants. Jinta thinks to himself that maybe Menma is the only one who has not changed.

The two, coincidentally, meet up with Atsumu "Yukiatsu" Matsuyuki and Chiriko "Tsuruko" Tsurumi who are commuting back from from their summer classes at the high school Jinta had applied to, but was denied from. Yukiatsu, who was also one of Jinta and Menma's childhood friends, displays an antagonistic behavior towards Jinta, ridiculing him for his truancy and his obsession over the dead Meiko Honma. And as Jinta flees from his two past friends out of embarrassment, it seems Yukiatsu, who had scoffed about Menma earlier, also longs for his dead, childhood friend.

In an effusion of anger, Jinta tells Menma to leave him alone and that she "makes him remember things that he does not want to." As he arrives back home, however, he begins to recall the time when Menma was still alive, how he had led the "Super Peace Busters" (his group of friends), and the day he had denied any feelings towards Menma in front of his friends, calling her an "ugly girl." Though he had thought about apologizing the day after for his hurtful insults, he was not given the chance to. The next day, she had died.

Unable to follow Jinta, Menma finds herself at the doorstep of her house; the smell of curry, her favorite food, lures her inside. There, she is surprised by the progress of time, noting her father's gray hairs and Satoshi's (her brother) height. As her mother places a bowl of curry in front of her daughter's household shrine, it reminds Menma of the ways her friends and family have learned to cope with her absence. But in reality, the five remaining members of the "Super Peace Busters" are unable to forget, and as Jinta begins to regret his inability to apologize, he storms out of his house in search of Menma.

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Jin Aketagawa Audio Director Audio Director for various popular anime series.
Tatsuyuki Nagai Director
Masayoshi Tanaka Character Artist/Designer
Mari Okada Writer


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