Super-Human Concepts

Super-Human is a anime/manga concept
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Super-hero team from the Marvel Mangaverse

Branch of Sin

It's the ability exclusive to Deadman of the Deadman Wonderland franchise.

Child Teacher

Child Teachers are theme in some manga/animes. They are normally rather intelligent characters who still display childish behavior at times.


A type of people who can control their blood and use it as weapons. Most Deadman are found at Deadman Wonderland.

Hero Association

The Hero Association is a organization created by Agoni, to help Heroes to be recognized for their hard work


Humans are typically depicted as the dominant species of the planet Earth, and sometimes of other planets. Humans often mirror their real life counterparts in terms of abilities and intellect, while other times they can achieve superhuman feats.

Iscariot Section XIII

The Catholic counterpart and rival of Hellsing despite being allies,Iscariot is the secret black ops team of the Vatican. Charged with killing heretics and freaks, it is a deadly force directly under the Pope's orders; many of its soldiers are quite insane themselves.


A living thing that's been mutated often by unnatural means. Most mutants gain powers or become a completely new species.


PSI is the power of manipulate things by thought

Paper Master

Paper Masters are beings who can manipulate paper at will


The ability to repair or heal oneself, particularly at an accelerated or unusual rate.

Side Effect

Side Effect are a type of six sense for people who have large amount of Trion.


Trion is a biological energy that every Human have


A team of mutants brought together by Professor Charles Xavier.

Z Fighters

A group of powerful warriors who protect the Earth and the Dragon Balls.

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