Super-Deformed Double Feature

Super-Deformed Double Feature is an anime movie
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GENOM, the malevolent corporation of Bubblegum Crisis, is sponsoring a road race through the desert to the town of Bangor. "Super-deformed" (i.e., cute and squashed-down) versions of characters from BGC, Gall Force, Genesis Survivor Gaiarth, and AD Police are all taking part, and they all mean to win. The ensuing mayhem is straight out of Wacky Races, parodying the original shows with insane humor. The GF gals return in Ten Little Gall Force, a 1992 parody in which more super-deformed characters return to the studio to make a documentary about the making of their movie and interact with animated versions of the crew.

The Western release combines the two completely separate Japanese videos of just over half an hour each, linked by their super-deformed art style of characters with heads out of all proportion to their squat, comical bodies. It's pure coincidence that the British release company also had its headquarters in a town called Bangor, though Wales has no deserts at present.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Katsuhito Akiyama Director
Kenichi Sonoda Character Artist/Designer

Original US Poster Art

General Information Edit
Name: Super-Deformed Double Feature
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1988
Name: テンリトルガルフォース
Romaji: Scramble Wars To'Hasshire! Genom Trophy Rally
Release Date: July 3, 1988
Rating: None
Runtime: 67 (mins)
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Aliases Scramble Wars Get Going! Race for the Genom Trophy Rally Scramble Wars Ten Little Gall Force
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