Sunny is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Sunny is one of the four Heavenly Kings.


Sunny was one of the four adopted sons of Ichiryuu, the President of the IGO. While much of Sunny's past was unknown, it was known that he along with his 3 brothers were trained by Ichiryuu in the ways of the Bishokuya and that at some as of yet unknown point he acquired Gourmet Cells. Before the main story of Toriko, he and his 3 brothers became recognized as top level Bishokuya and were given the title, The Four Heavenly Kings.


Sunny is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the main characters of the series, Toriko. At this moment, there is no information on any inspirations used in Sunny's concept design or his name.



Sunny has a rather proud and narcissistic attitude. He views most others as ugly with few being beautiful like himself. He can however look pasts one's "ugly" exterior and find inner beauty such as Komatsu's cooking, which he finds very beautiful.


Sunny after the Time Skip
Sunny after the Time Skip

Sunny has effeminate facial features and extremely long multi-colored hair. He is rather tall and has a very muscular physique, although not as large or muscular as Zebra and Toriko.


  • Toriko - A sort of rivalry is shared between the two, but they have saved each other and fought together many times. Generally, the only thing Sunny argues about is Chef Komatsu being Toriko's Partner rather than his.
  • Coco - Sunny seems to get along best with Coco, probably due to the latter's calm and respectful demeanor.
  • Zebra - Just like with Toriko, Zebra can be unreasonable and unpleasant to Sunny. They argue quite often but ultimately they have each other's backs.
  • Komatsu - Sunny holds Komatsu in very high esteem and goes to extra lengths to ensure his safety. Just like Zebra, Sunny also tries to persuade Komatsu to discontinue being Toriko's chef partner and to become his partner instead.
  • Rin - While clearly Sunny cares about his sister, he is often nagging her, criticizing her for her "fat thighs" and manly looks. Likewise, Rin criticizes him for his girly looks.

Story Arcs

Regal Mammoth Arc

Sunny's first appearance
Sunny's first appearance

Sunny appeared relatively early in the series, debuting in chapter 29 of the manga and episode 10 of the anime. He was the third of the Four Heavenly Kings introduced, Toriko being the first and Coco being the second. He first appeared at the beginning of the Regal Mammoth arc in epic fashion, carrying the huge Baby Regal Mammoth, seemingly with one arm, but was actually carrying it with his hair. He is introduced to Komatsu by Toriko and abruptly the 3 of them plus Sunny's younger biological sister Rin, are sent on their way by Bureau Chief Mansam to retrieve the Jewel Meat from an Adult Regal Mammoth. With Many struggles along the way and with the help of Coco, they defeat the invading GT Robos, sent by the Bishokukai and retrieve the Jewel meat. Afterwards they consume the high quality ingredient and it was so compatible with Sunny's Gourmet Cells that he added it to his Full Course Menu.

Century Soup Arc

While his role in this arc was minor, Sunny appeared towards the end of the arc by a chance meeting with Toriko at the Country of Healing Life where Toriko intends to heal his missing arm in his fight against Tommyrod. There he along with Saiseiya Teppei and Saiseiya Yosaku, Sunny helps in Toriko's speedy recovery.

Gourmet World Reality Arc

Again his role is not a large one in this arc but an important one. Toriko meets with Sunny and asks him if he knows of a way to enter the Gourmet World. Sunny informs him of certain dangerous routes due to Toriko's pride, but having experienced the immensely unforgiving harshness of the Gourmet World personally, Sunny takes countermeasures to ensure Toriko's safety. He tells his friend and Toriko's Chef Partner Komatsu who informs the Legendary Knocking Master Jirou who in turn arrives at the Gourmet World minutes after Toriko and rescues the already near dead Bishokuya.

Mello Cola Arc

Sunny finds himself on a train tour via the Deluxe Carriage, along with allies Toriko, Coco and Komatsu. At one point they stop near the infamous Honey Prison where Zebra, the last Heavenly King is held. Despite Toriko's efforts and their past brotherly history, both Sunny and Coco refuse to have anything to do with meeting Zebra, who was scheduled to be released that day and Toriko was left only with Komatsu to retrieve the unreasonable Zebra. later on, presumably after finishing the Deluxe Carriage Tour, Sunny meets with Guemon, one of the strongest people in the world at the recommendation of his master Yosaku. There Sunny learns the brutal reality of his lack of experience and weakness at the hands of Guemon, however the latter teaches Sunny in the ways of Intuition.

Four Beast Arc

At the instructions of his Foster Father Ichiryuu, Sunny joins his brothers to combine their powers against the notorious 4 Beasts, Gaoh, Invitedeath, King Octopus Kong and Mount Turtle, all ranging above Capture level 100, their strongest opponents up to that point. All four of the Heavenly Kings manage to defeat their respective beast foe with relative ease, Sunny personally taking out King Octopus Kong. But it wasn't so simple. Immediately after finishing their battles, the Four Beasts simultaneously flee for the Center of Human World at the command of the Four Beast main body. Little did the Heavenly Kings know, but the Four Beasts were in fact one monstrously powerful entity that had split itself into 5 individual beasts. After arriving to the center of Human World themselves along with their partner beasts, they are met with the Colossal Four Beast which at this point had absorbed it's separate bodies. With extreme effort and with the help of their partner beasts (Terry, Kiss and Quinn) the 4 Heavenly Kings combined the fullest extent of their appetite energy to form the Oushoku Bansan technique and they managed a narrow victory over the 4 beast which was literally consumed by the technique.

Cooking Festival Arc

Sunny vs Tommyrod
Sunny vs Tommyrod

Shortly after the Four Beast incident, Sunny and the other Heavenly Kings arrive at the famed Cooking Island, where every year, the Cooking Festival involving only the top one hundred ranked Chefs is held. Despite being there to support Komatsu, who had just entered into the top one hundred ranks, the Kings were truly there as the strongest line of defense against the Bishokukai, who were to attack that day in order to kidnap the best Chefs in the world, although very few outside the Four Heavenly Kings knew of this. Despite all the preliminary matches going smoothly and Komatsu passing all of them, right as he was about to enter his first Championship round against the number one ranked Chef, Cooking King Zaus, that was the moment that the Bishokukai made their first strike. Bishokukai Vice Head Chef Starjun himself went after Komatsu, but the Heavenly Kings sprung to action, all four of them attacking him. Starjun however neutralized all of their attacks until Toriko came face to face with him and they began what would be a very brutal battle. In the meantime, Sunny protected Komatsu from all the chaos going on around them, only to have the ends of his feelers snipped on, surprising Sunny as well as causing him great pain, as even a single feeler getting cut was equivalent to having a tooth pulled in terms of pain. As he looked to see what had happened, above him flew Tommyrod and his Gourmet World Beast that had an uncanny cutting ability to the point that even Sunny's feelers were easily cut. And thus began the bout between Heavenly King Sunny and Bishokukai Vice Head Chef Tommyrod. Tommyrod unleashed hundreds of insect beasts, some being powerful enough to have Capture levels exceeding 90. Despite their power though, Sunny rapidly dispatched the lot of them, primarily with Hair Spit, surprising Tommyrod, who then decided that he would fight Sunny personally. After a bloody battle, which involved Sunny getting several open wounds and Tommyrod a missing arm, Sunny used his Hair Marionette ability to hijack Tommyrod's nerves, freezing him where he stood. This was seemingly due to Sunny's sheer exhaustion and he needed a moment to gather his strength. Knowing that Tommyrod was in better fighting condition than himself, Sunny used his most powerful ability, the Satan Hair. Tommyrod was released from the Hair Marionette technique and the final exchange took place. Tommyrod smashing his elbow into Sunny's face, who retaliated by burrowing a gaping hole into Tommyrod's torso. Tommyrod launched again, ripping open Sunny's face with his claws, but Sunny countered by impaling Tommyrod again through the back. At this point Tommyrod was at deaths door, but in a final effort, he pummeled Sunny with a barrage a punches, launching Sunny back, but Sunny with his own last ounces of strength bade Tommyrod farewell and completely enveloped and consumed Tommyrod with Satan Hair, ending the battle. Sunny himself collapsed immediately afterwards and was incapacitated for the remainder of the still ensuing war on Cooking Island.

Billion Bird Arc

Upon Toriko and Komatsu returning from their ordeal in the Gourmet World, they arrive at IGO HQ and reacquaint themselves with Sunny, Mansam, Rin and the other Heavenly Kings. After Rin abruptly proposed to Toriko and the latter accepted, Sunny expressed his disgust at the idea of Toriko being his brother in law. The Heavenly Kings and Komatsu later head to the first Biotope where they knew that the President's last course was hidden. Sunny, Coco and Zebra had failed to locate the course, but Toriko managed to track it's scent. After finding what they called the First Biotope Restroom, they went inside the invisible area and retrieved the last ingredient of the President's full course, the Billion Bird Egg.

Due to downloading the information from Livebearer about the Billion Bird, Toriko knew what steps to take in hatching the egg. As it happened, the other 7 courses were merely ingredients to prepare the last course, the Billion Bird. After some preparation and waiting, the Billion Bird was successfully hatched and immediately laid an immense number of eggs. This was President Ichiryuu's plan all along. The Billon Bird had an incredibly long lifespan and would endlessly lay immense amounts of eggs. Thus, a single billion bird put an end to the mass famine that afflicted the world because of Midora's Meteor Spice. The top Chefs of the world took to preparing the Billion Bird in delicious ways, but only Komatsu had the gift of unlocking the true form of the Billion Bird and it's eggs. It laid a small amount of special eggs not given to anybody else. Sunny and the other Heavenly Kings with Komatsu sat at a dining table and sampled the special egg. It immediately powered up their Gourmet Cells and caused spontaneous hair growth for all of them. So impressed was Toriko that he added the Billion Bird egg to his Full course as the drink course.


After successfully completing the Billion Bird course, Sunny and his friends were set to travel to Gourmet World. Their goals being to Capture and eat Acacia's Full course together, and to send masses of Gourmet World Food back to the Human world which had little more than the Billion Bird to eat. Once then entered the first Continent of Gourmet World, Area 8 along with their new ally and transport beast Octo-Chan, they were immediately met by numerous dangers including the Soy Milk Road Beast that placed them all into an illusion. Luckily, Toriko defeated the beast with ease and soon after they were feasting on it's flesh. It was during this time that a strange Frog-like man named Mappy approached them. After introducing himself, Mappy invited them to accompany him back to his village the Hex Food World, which was the only inhabited part of Gourmet World known.

The route was highly dangerous as they came across the Steel Clouds, Giant Clouds made on a metal harder than steel that lowered down to the earth and crushed everything beneath it. The Group could not destroy the clouds so they were forced to go back inside Octo-Chan and Dive underwater into an equally hazardous lair. Via Komatsu's food luck, they managed to find their way through the underwater labyrinth and emerge back on land near the entrance to the Hex Food World.

Powers & Abilities

Gourmet Cells: The foundation of supernatural abilities in the Toriko world. They are very versatile and they grant unique abilities to anyone or anything that has them. It is currently unknown how Sunny acquired his Gourmet Cells, but they are the basis of Sunny's Feelers.


Sunny's Intimidation while using Satan Hair
Sunny's Intimidation while using Satan Hair

Like his brothers, Sunny can emit an aura of ferocity, indicating his level of power. Sunny's takes the form of a giant hair monster.

Intuition: Sunny acquired this ability from Guemon and in turn, showed it to Toriko who managed to learn it after witnessing it one time. It gives the user uncanny reactions as well as granting better utilization of their energy, giving greater stamina and precision. Guemon stated this ability comes from experience and experience is the best way to hone it

Feelers: Currently Sunny has 1,000,000 hairs also known as feelers that have the ability to move independently. Individually they are so fine that they are invisible to the naked eye and only the likes of Coco and Tommyrod are able to see them. Despite their apparent delicateness, Toriko himself stated that even with his knife technique, it would be impossible for him to break even a single hair on Sunny's head. While his hair (also known as feelers) is beautiful and unique, each color has a specific task.

  • Blue Hair - Can detect low temperatures
  • Pink Hair - Can detect high temperatures
  • Green Hair - Can detect pressure
  • White Hair - Can sense pain like nerve endings

Dining Kitchen

The range of Sunny's hair is known as the Dining Kitchen. While initially the range was 20 meters, after mastering Food Honor, that range extended to 300 meters. After the time-skip this has been increased again to 700 meters.


Using his feelers, Sunny can change the flow of of power and redirect it. Each Feeler currently can support 300 kilograms and after his Food Honor training, Sunny has 1,000,000 feelers. However he is not only capable of reflecting impact, but he can amplify it up to one thousand times. Hence, Sunny is capable of reflecting at least 300,000,000,000 kilograms of force although it is likely greater as his Gourmet Cells have gotten far stronger.

Hair Punch:

Sunny gathers all his hair into one mass, taking the form of his intimidation aura and uses it to deliver a crushing blow. The more feelers Sunny uses, the more powerful the punch. This was a sufficiently powerful enough technique to knock the gargantuan Four Beast off balance and an earlier use of the ability crushed a GT Robo in one blow.

Ice Cutter:

Another offensive technique. Sunny uses his feelers as blade like appendages. Using this ability, he could easily cut through the thick ice at Pot Pond

Hair Spit:

A powerful offensive ability. Sunny sends his hair out in an omni-directional fashion and skewers all unfortunate enemies within 300 meters. This ability was powerful enough to effortlessly kill dozens of beasts at once up to over Capture level 90.

Hair Net:

Hair Net
Hair Net

Sunny forms a giant net with his feelers. It can be used either to catch falling items such as people or giant boulders, or it can be used as a trap to entangle foes.

Super Hair Shot:

A variation of the Spatula ability. Rather than try and reflect an enemy attack, Sunny uses his own Hair Punch to reflect the force back and forth, thus amplifying the force several fold, then launching it at an unfortunate foe. This was strong enough to defeat the Capture level 132 King Octopus Kong in one blow.

Hair Wings:

Sunny forms to giant wings with his feelers. Once formed, he can create large gusts of wind that can easily blow away airborne toxins.

Hair Lock:

Sunny uses his hundreds of thousands of feelers to entwine his opponent and uses their overwhelming strength to hold them in Place.

Hair Marionette:

A much greater version of Hair Lock. Rather than simply entwining and restraining his foes, the super fine feelers enter the skin of the opponent and hijack their nervous system, rendering them completely paralyzed as long as Sunny maintains the technique

Satan Hair:

Satan Hair
Satan Hair

So far, Sunny's greatest ability by far. Unlocked after consuming the Four Beast, Sunny's Gourmet Cells themselves manifest themselves into his hair, changing its appearance to a brilliant, luminous, golden mass. The hair itself is capable of consuming whatever it comes into contact with. Whereas before his hair was exceedingly difficult to cut, he claims his hair cannot be cut at all in this form. According to Sunny, one single hair has the power to wipe out all life on earth and if unsatisfied, it will consume the mantle and all nutrients of the planet and will continue to expand and consume other planets. This ability was powerful enough to instantly consume Gourmet World level beasts.

Other Media

Sunny appears in:

  • One Piece x Toriko crossover
  • Dragonball Z x One Piece x Toriko crossover
  • All of the Toriko movies
  • Toriko: Gourmet Academy (a spinoff of the original series)
  • Toriko Games: Toriko: Gourmet Survival, Toriko Gourmet Survival II, and Toriko: Gourmet Monsters
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Name: Sunny
Name: サニー
Romanji: Sani
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Toriko #4
1st anime episode: Toriko #9
1st anime movie:
Aliases Sani
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