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Summer Wars is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 5 manga series
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Kana Jinnouchi

Kana Jinnouchi is the oldest daughter of Kunihiko Jinnouchi and Nana Jinnouchi.

Katsuhiko Jinnouchi

Katsuhiko Jinnouchi is a fire fighter and first to marry of his two brothers. The third son of Mansaku Jinnouchi.

Kazuma Ikezawa

Kazuma Ikezawa is a 13-year-old OZ user and world-renowned netgame warrior champion, King Kazma.

Kazuo Shinohara

Kazuo Shinohara is the father of Natsuki Shinohara.

Kenji Koiso

Kenji Koiso was due to spend the summer doing maintenance work on OZ, but was hired by the girl he likes, Natsuki Shinohara, to pretend to be her fiance and meet her family.

King Kazma

King Kazma is the OZ avatar created by Kazuma Ikezawa, and the main opponent to the deeds of the evil avatar Love Machine.

Kiyomi Ikezawa

Kiyomi Ikezawa is the mother of Kazuma Ikezawa, and the daughter of Mansuke Jinnouchi.

Kunihiko Jinnouchi

Kunihiko Jinnouchi is a fire fighter, and newly married. The second son of Mansaku Jinnouchi.

Kyohei Jinnouchi

Kyohei Jinnouchi is the newborn son of Katsuhiko Jinnouchi and Yumi Jinnouchi.

Love Machine

Love Machine is a Artificial Intelligent program created by Wabisuke Jinnouchi. It was then sold to the United States Armed Forces where they decided to let it go wild on OZ as a test run where it took over Kenji's avatar and started causing chaos in Japan.

Mansaku Jinnouchi

Mansaku Jinnouchi is the third son of Sakae Jinnouchi.

Mansuke Jinnouchi

Mansuke Jinnouchi is a manager of a fish market and the son of Sakae Jinnouchi.

Mao Jinnouchi

Mao Jinnouchi is the oldest daughter of Yorihiko Jinnouchi and Noriko Jinnouchi. The little sister of Shingo Jinnouchi

Mariko Jinnouchi

Mariko Jinnouchi is the eldest daughter of Sakae Jinnouchi.

Nana Jinnouchi

Nana Jinnouchi is the wife of Kunihiko Jinnouchi. Mother of their daughter Kana Jinnouchi, but still hasn't adjusted to the large Jinnouchi family.

Naomi Miwa

Naomi Miwa is a lovely-divorced woman and daughter of Mansuke Jinnouchi.

Natsuki Shinohara

Natsuki Shinohara is an upper classman that hires Kenji Koiso to pretend to be her fiancee in order to meet her large family, but unaware of his feeling for her.

Noriko Jinnouchi

Noriko Jinnouchi is the wife of Yorihiko Jinnouchi mother to Shingo Jinnouchi & Mao Jinnouchi.

Riichi Jinnouchi

Riichi Jinnouchi is a member of the Self Defense Force, the large Jinnouchi Family, and eldest son of Mariko Jinnouchi.

Rika Jinnouchi

Rika Jinnouchi is a the eldest daughter of Mariko Jinnouchi.

Ryohei Jinnouchi

Ryohei Jinnouchi is a high school baseball player, and the eldest son of Katsuhiko Jinnouchi.

Sakae Jinnouchi

Sakae Jinnouchi is the 90-year-old great grandmother of Natsuki Shinohara, and holds high political connections.

Shingo Jinnouchi

Shingo Jinnouchi is the eldest son of Yorihiko Jinnouchi and Noriko Jinnouchi.

Shota Jinnouchi

Shota Jinnouchi is a police officer and son of Tasuke Jinnouchi.

Takashi Sakuma

Takashi Sakuma is a student and works on the maintaining of OZ with Kenji Koiso.

Tasuke Jinnouchi

Tasuke Jinnouchi is the owner of an electronics store and eldest son of Mansuke Jinnouchi.

Wabisuke Jinnouchi

Wabisuke Jinnouchi is a 41-year-old computer expert and illegitimate son of Natsuki's great grandfather. The creator of "Love Machine".

Yorihiko Jinnouchi

Yorihiko Jinnouchi is a fire fighter and emergency medical technician. The elder son of Mansaku Jinnouchi, and the father of Shingo Jinnouchi & Mao Jinnouchi.

Yuhei Jinnouchi

Yuhei Jinnouchi is the son of Katsuhiko Jinnouchi and Yumi Jinnouchi. Younger brother of Ryohei Jinnouchi.

Yukiko Shinohara

Yukiko Shinohara is the mother of Natsuki Shinohara.

Yumi Jinnouchi

Yumi Jinnouchi is the wife of Katsuhiko Jinnouchi, and the mother of Ryohei Jinnouchi, Yuhei Jinnouchi, and Kyohei Jinnouchi.

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