Summer Versus Scandal

Summer Versus Scandal is an anime episode of Ladies versus Butlers that was released on 02/23/2010

Plot Summary

Sernia gives Akiharu her "Partner Card," hoping to use him as her personal slave for the sole purpose of humiliating him. However, Akiharu turns the tables on her when he tells her of the limitations of the card.

Sernia takes him on a tour of her summer mansion in Japan, but the maids and even her own father seem to think she's taken Akiharu in so that she can make love to him later. They prepare the house for them, but Akiharu accidentally consumes some whiskey that was hidden inside a chocolate. Being a person that can't hold his liquor at all, he starts making sexual come-ons to Sernia, who does little to resist at first, but after pinning her to the floor Akiharu falls asleep on top of her boobs. Sernia suddenly gets angry as the eavesdropping maids all sigh in despair.

The next morning, Tomomi and Daichi pay a visit to the mansion as Akiharu wakes up in a pile of throw pillows. He has trouble remembering what happened after he ate the chocolate and Sernia has no intention of telling him. The four of them head down to the Flameheart family's private beach next to the mansion, and enjoy themselves (except for Daichi, who prefers to wear his full butler's tuxedo rather than expose her true identity). Sernia continues flipping wildly between love and hate for Akiharu, and at one point trying to retrieve her bikini top Sernia gets a leg cramp and sinks underwater. Akiharu races to save her and drags her back onto the beach.

Tomomi suggests that Akiharu give Sernia mouth-to-mouth CPR while one of Sernia's maids is holding a video camera, and after a little peer pressure Akiharu plans to do it, but Sernia wakes up seconds before and slaps the taste out of his mouth. Later, as Sernia and Akiharu are standing on a balcony together, Sernia thanks him for saving her life by giving him a kiss.

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