Sket Dance #2 - Summer Sakura

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 01/04/2008

Plot Summary

Plot Summary

Request: Misaki and Kotaro adn Summer Sakura

Tetsu asks Sket Dan to help him to make Misaki happy because of his past, he cannot meet her in person. He and the club makes Bossun pretend to be Tetsu's stand in as Bossun takes Misaki out. During Misaki's day, Tetsu learns that Misaki is leaving to America for surgery. Bossun and the club urge Tetsu to say good bye to Misaki in person. Eventually, Tetsu runs along the river bank and yells good bye to Misaki while Sket Dan unleashes a 1,000 pink, paper cranes that resembles cherry blossoms

Request: Student Council Executive, An Awful Snow Princess, and Tears Even in The Onihime's Eyes

Sasuke Tsubaki threatens to shut down Sket Dan because Sasuke is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary clubs. When Moe comes to request Sket Dan to help her by setting a play for kindergarten students. Bossun and Sasuke compete by putting a performance. If Bossun wins, Sket Dan remains in school, but if Bossun loses, Sket Dan will be cancel.

Shinzo, Roman, Kibitsu and her friends, and Reiko has come to help Sket Dan by rehearsing for a Snow White play. However, a Peter Pan actor destroys their play which causes Sket Dan to set up a puppet show that Kibitsu narrates about herself. Through a tearful performance, Kibitsu and Hime's friendship grow stronger and win the hearts of the kindergarten students.


Japanese Released Date: January 4, 2008.

American Released Date: None

Chapter 8: Misaki and Kotaro - "Misaki to Kōtarō" (美咲と光太郎)

Chapter 9: Summer Sakura - "Natsu no sakura" (夏の桜)

Chapter 10: Student Council Executive - "Seitokai Shikkōbu" (生徒会執行部)

Chapter 11: An Awful Snow Princess - "Yaba yukihime" (ヤバ雪姫)

Chapter 12: Tears Even in The Onihime's Eyes - "Onihime no me ni mo namida" (鬼姫の目にも涙)

Chapter 13: Finding Pelorin - "Fuandeingu perorin" (ファンディング・ペロリン)

Chapter 14: Little Boss Has a Temper - "Ritoru bosu wa gokiken naname" (リトルボスはご機嫌ななめ)

Chapter 15: You Mustn't Watch it - "Mite wa ikenai" (見てはいけない)

Chapter 16: You Watched it, Didn't You - "Mita no ne" (見たのね)

Chapter 17: Don't Watch It - "Mirun jyanai" (見るんじゃない)



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