Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 12/15/2011

Summer Breeze - "Kunpū" (薫風)

Hime transfers to a new school to get away from the Onihime rumors; she can't run from her past when her two friends, Bossun and Chiaki, are involved in a tight situation. Will Hime let things begone and accept her Onihime identity?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Graffiti" by Gackt

Bossun: What about my hair?!
Bossun: What about my hair?!

At school, the girls gossip about Onihime when Hime pass by. A counselor asks Hime if she hit Arisa, and Hime just left without a definite answer. She left her two friends hanging. On the way home, trouble still follows her. She pulls out her hockey stick to beat some cocky girls. Hime narrates about all the fights she has been through which creates more rumors. After transferring to a new school, Hime's appearance changes with her hair long and blonde, so she can get away from the Onihime name. Yet, she still hears rumors of the Onihime lurking. In the softball test, Hime throws the ball really far which attracts the attention of Chiaki. Chiaki asks Hime if she wants to join the team, but Hime declines. Chiaki doesn't quit and continues to talk about how joining a sports team can make new friends. Hime tells her that she doesn't need friends. On the following day, Hime pulls out her Popman hat and is about to throw it away. Suddenly, Bossun barges in and asks Hime if she loves Popman. Even though Hime tries to ignore him, Bossun starts to cry when Hime yells at him harshly. Chiaki joins in the conversation. Then, Hime begins to mock Bossun's hair, and the two start to bicker which Chiaki describes them as a couple. Hime gives Bossun her hat and leaves.

Bossun talks about his Popgoggles
Bossun talks about his Popgoggles

Outside of school, Bossun catches up with Hime and talks about the Popgoggles. Bossun talks about how he loves helping people and how the Popman hat. Throughout the day, Hime begins to open herself up when Chiaki and Bossun becomes her friends slowly with experiences such as having lunch together on the roof. After a montage of experiences, a shady man with sunglasses listens to his friend complaining about the dent on his car. Chiaki comes in and apologizes because she thinks that the softball she threw dent the car. In class, Hime notices Chiaki is sad today and hesitates to ask her. Later, Bossun bumps into a student (Switch) who hands the dropped bag of candy to Bossun. Bossun offers the candy to Switch due to his little brother's love for Gumin-Gumis. On the rooftop, Chiaki explains her situation with those guys to Hime, and Bossun arrives to hear some of the information near the doorway.

Hime tells Chiaki not to go there, but Chiaki thanks Hime for worrying about her. Bossun tells Hime that they should go with Chiaki. Hime refuses to go, and Bossun yells at her for being scared and acting unhappy. Hime gets angry and pulls Bossun, and she tells him that friends betray her. Bossun tells Hime that not being able to believe in friends is acting scared. At night, Bossun arrives to the station with the statue (meaning of Zou). At the park, Hime beats some guys to protect Chiaki. The shady man gets cocky and decides to take both girls. The thug with the baseball tries to attack Hime; when Hime tries to end him, her hockey stick broke. She gets grabbed by a man. Then out of nowhere, Bossun fires some shots at the thug, freeing Hime.

Hime cries that she has friends
Hime cries that she has friends

In a short flashback, Bossun concentrates and realize that Hime and Chiaki are at the park because Zou means elephant as well. Bossun yells at Hime for being an idiot, and when he tries to fight, Hime scolds him for his weak posture. Hime tells them to stay back as she takes up a bat. She pummels the punks who point her that she is Onihime. The punks apologizes to her. After the punks leave, Hime tells her friends to not be friends with her. Chiaki replies that she is not scared of Hime, but Hime tells her that she has hurt a lot of people. Suddenly, the modd changes and Bossun asks Hime to join a club that he is going to make to help people. When Bossun states he needs her, Hime looks at Bossun as her hero for rescuing her. Hime starts to cry, and Chiaki pushes Bossun forward, so Hime can cry on his shoulders.

On the way home, Hime compliments Bossun on how he looks great with the Popman hat. Bossun gets flustered about how Chiaki has that iffy look when he asks her about his Popman hat. Chiaki mentions that Bossun can make that Popman hat, a trademark. When the flashback ends, Hime sees Arisa who bows down in apology. Hime puts down her new hockey stick, and she informs Arisa to call her Hime with a smile. Arisa cries while Hime narrates that she loves her name.

Closing Theme

"HERO" by The Sketchbook

Points of Interest

  • Bossun gets his trademark red hat from Hime due to his love for Popman.
  • Since younger Switch has not copy his dead brother's looks, Hime's origin story is presumed to take place before Switch's origin story.
  • Bossun's concentration ability is first demonstrated in this story with yellow goggles.
  • Switch knows his candy according to Bossun.
  • The Sket Dance logo is somewhat inspired by Chiaki who proposes that Bossun can make the Popman hat, a trademark.
  • New Theme Ending ("HERO" by The Sketchbook) is used for Hime's story with a compilation of clips from the episodes.

Manga & Anime Differences

This episode covers chapters 59 to 61 of volume 7. These chapters are called Ogress.

Hug only in the manga
Hug only in the manga
  • In the manga, there were no words exchanged or reveal between Hime and the counselor about what has happened. Compared to the anime, there were words exchanged.
  • Manga Only: The class noticed Chiaki and Hime's conversation, Hime notices Chiaki is with those punks at the park, and Hime's thinking about Bossun occurs after Chiaki leaves.
  • Anime Only: Bathroom scene where Chiaki tries to persuade Hime is not present in the manga.
  • Ending Changes:In the manga, Arisa apologizes to Hime about the things she has done; Bossun tries to talk, but Hime silences him. Hime tells Arisa that she has friends and that she has forgiven her. Both girls hug. Bossun and Switch show signs of proudness of Hime. Compared to the anime, Arisa bows down without much apology. Hime only tells Arisa that her name is Hime, and Arisa cries.

In the anime, Hime had no ponytail during the scene where she cries on Bossun's shoulder. Compared to the manga, she had her ponytail intact.

Memorable Quotes

  • Hime: "I'm a demon (oni), but my hero came to rescue me..."
  • Hime: My pop gave me my name, Hime. It means devoted love. It's a bit too cute for a tomboy like me... But I kinda like it.

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Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
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Shuhei Naruse Music He's the musician in Sket Dance and other franchises.


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