Sumire is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Sumire is currently the cafeteria manager of the well known Nakaume Gourmet School, and is one of the worlds most skill Chefs, having ranked in at 10th on the IGO Chef Ranking


Sumires origins are largely unknown. However she is one of the highest rated chefs in the world according to the IGO Chef Ranking, Ranking in at number 10. And she is also employed as the cafeteria manager at Nakaume Gourmet School, the same school that Nakaume, Komatsu, and Otake went to when they were training to become chefs.


Sumire was created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro to serve as a supporting secondary protagonist in his manga series, Toriko. Her first appearance is during episode 87 of the anime entitled Crossroads! A Chef's Destination!. And the manga Volume 18, Chapter 158, Komatsu and Otake!!.



Sumires appearance is that of a short, somewhat elderly woman. Her hair is a light brown/ginger colour, styled into small curls on either side of her head. Due to her short stature and delicate features she has the appearance of sweet and caring woman. Her attire is a simple chefs outfit, coloured pink, with a small light pink hair net.


Very little has been shown about Sumires personality, however what little we have been shown, paints her as a kind and caring woman. She also has a deep innate connection with ingredients, having been shown on more than one occasion to hear their voice.

Major Story Arcs

Meteor Garlic Arc

Sumire is first seen when Toriko and the gang open the chest containing Ichiryus Hors D’oeuvres, the Million Tree Seed. She was one of the prominent chefs in the world who were able to hear the voice of the ingredient calling out over the world.

Four Beast Arc

Sumire is later seen during the Four Beasts invasion of the Human World. She, along with numerous other high ranking chefs , are called in to help aid the Human population against the threat of the Four Beasts Green Rain. When she arrived at the Gourmet Tower, she and the other chefs present were taught how to prepare an antidote for the millions of residents of the Human World by Komatsu.

Cooking Festival Arc

Sumire is seen again during the illustrious Cooking Festival, as one of the entrants in the competition itself. However Despite her great skill and IGO Chef Rank however, she was unable to get past the preliminary rounds of the competition.


Sumire appears at the World Kitchen when the Four Heavenly Kings prepare to leave for the Gourmet World in search of Acacias Full Course Menu. She along with the hundreds of other prominent people said their goodbyes and promised to do their best to cook the ingredients they send back to the Human World, and watched them leave for the Gourmet World on the back of an Octomelon.

Powers and Abilities


Sumires overall physical power is unknown, but assuming she is like most other chefs, she has her own signature fighting style. Her skill as a chef however is noted to be one of the greatest in the known world, as she is currently ranked at 10th in the world by the IGO Chef Rating. She also serves as the cafeteria manager at the illustrious Nakaume Gourmet School for aspiring chefs.

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Name: Sumire
Name: すみれ
Romanji: Sumire
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Cafeteria Granny
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