Sulia Gaudeamus

Sulia Gaudeamus is a anime/manga character in the Fatal Fury franchise
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Laocorn's sister who seeks the help of Terry, Andy, Mai and Joe to help defeat her brother and preventing from obtaining the Armor of Mars.


Gaudeamus Family
Gaudeamus Family

Sulia is the younger twin sister of Laocorn Gaudeamus. Their father was a renown archeologist who discovered a piece to the Armor of Mars, once worn by the great warrior Gaudeamus (their ancestor). Their father was killed by his partner who took credit for the find. When Laocorn and Sulia went to confront the man Laocorn was shot. However the injured Laocorn fell against the armband and as a descendant of the great warrior, the armor bonded with him. Laocorn the killed their father's murder with the armor. Laocorn then began searching for the remaining pieces of the Armor of Mars. He stole a recently acquired piece from Cheng Sizan (the left leg brace) thus bringing him to three pieces of the armor (both leg braces and the right arm).

Sulia seeks out world renown fighter Terry Bogard to assist her in stopping her brother. She accidentally bumps into him (unknowingly) in a video arcade and he protects her from her brother's brainwashed underlings, the masked men. Before Terry can talk to her she has fled to Joe Higashi's congratulation part seeking Terry. She encounters another masked man ( Cheng Sizan under the control of the mask) and he quickly dispatches Big Bear before being stopped by Kim Kap Hwan. Terry, Andy, Joe and Mai agree to aid Sulia in stopping her brother.

Attack in Germany
Attack in Germany

During their travels, Sulia quickly becomes enamored by the roguish Terry. Terry, still remember Lily can not initially think of Sulia in that way until Lily's specter informs him it is time to move on. Sulia, visits him in the night and apologizes for bringing up Lily (she had seen a picture of her and inquired to Terry about his relationship with her). Terry hugs her and tells her there is nothing to forgive.

During their travels to Germany Terry and Sulia are attacked by Jamin and Laocorn. Terry is severely injured by the two but manages to escape with Sulia. Sulia uses her healing powers to save Terry's life and she then informs Terry of her family's past. Terry realizes at that point that he is love with Sulia (who likewies is in love with Terry).

Terry and Sulia arrive in Germany after Joe only to discover the armor piece has been found by Panni. Now the only piece Loacorn is missing is the crown. The team discovers the location and as they make plans to retrieve it Mai and Sulia discuss Terry. Mai gives Sulia advice on how to proceed and as the two women make their way back to their hotel they are attacked by Panni, Hauer & Jamin. Sulia agrees to go with the trio in exchange for the safety of Terry, Joe and Mai (Andy is not present).

Fatal Wound
Fatal Wound

Sulia and Laocorn arrive at the site of the hidden armor piece and Laocorn places the crown on his head before Terry can stop him. A huge battle between the four fighters and Loacorn takes place and it is not until Sulia stabs herself in the arm that Lacoorn is injured. She plans to stab herself in the heart (utilizing her psionic rapport with her brother to injure the armor) but is stopped by Terry. Before Laocorn can attack again she stabs herself. Terry then punches Laocorn in the chest plate shattering the armor into coin pieces. Terry races back to Sulia who gives all present praise and advice. She then appologizes to Terry for coming into his life only to leave him. Terry finally kisses the woman he has come to love as she dies.

Sad Farewell
Sad Farewell

When Gaudeamus rises again, summoning the Armor of Mars, Terry is the only one that possesses the power to combat him. When Gaudeamus has the upper hand Sulia speaks to Terry from the great beyond giving him the encouragement he needs to rise up and win. Terry leaves the sight victorious, yet heartbroken again.

Voiced by
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Tomo Sakurai
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Name: Sulia Gaudeamus
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
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1st anime movie: Fatal Fury The Motion Picture
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Fatal Fury The Motion Picture

Terry, Andy, Mai and Joe are asked by a girl named Sulia to stop her brother from finding the pieces of the Armor of Mars.

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