Sui Shijima, The Final Boss

Sui Shijima, The Final Boss is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 09/11/2011

Sui Shijima, The Final Boss

Ohana and Kou talk very briefly with each other before Ohana leaves to return to the Kissuiso. Somehow the Kissuiso starts having a flood of customers requesting reservations at the Inn. The staff is more than optimistic that this new influx of customers mean that the Kissuiso will continue running. However, Sui is determined that the Kissuiso will close down after the Bonbori festival. Sui doesn't want everyone to be burdened with her or her husband's dreams.

Plot Summary

Kouichi's kind eyes
Kouichi's kind eyes

Ohana tries to pretend not to see Kouichi and walk away, but Kou runs up to her and asks what she's doing in Tokyo. Ohana tells Kou that the Kissuiso might be closing down, at the same time Ohana wonders to herself why Kou has such kind eyes. Ohana starts crying. After Ohana calms down a bit they sit down and have a chat. Ohana drinks a corn drink and wonders how people are supposed to get the corn that is at the bottom. She remembers that Kou used to put water in it, pour it into a cup and use chopsticks to eat the corn. Kou says he's stop doing that, he just leaves the corn at the bottom. He reflects on how little his life has change, and how Ohana used to say that Tokyo was boring. Kou says how after Ohana left, Tokyo has been nothing but boring. Ohana is in tears again, but asks Kou to come to the Bonbori festival, Kou agrees. It is then that Ohana realizes that the Tokyo she saw, with Kou in it, is beautiful after all. When Ohana boards a bus and says goodbye to Kou, Ohana says she won't meet her mom yet until she figures out what she wants to do.

At the Kissuiso, Enishi talks with Denroku. Enishi blames his incompetence for things turning out this way. Tomoe and Nako, at front desk, wonder when Takako and Ohana will come back and lament how few customers they have even with the Bonbori festival coming up soon. Just then Tomoe receives a phone call which makes her shout out in surprise.

Tooru isn't sure how to comfort Minko
Tooru isn't sure how to comfort Minko

Minko and Tooru are in the kitchen. After dropping a plate, Minko asks Tooru what Mr. Ren will do after the Kissuiso closes. Tooru explains that Mr. Ren was invited to work at another Inn and Tooru was invited along with him. Minko breaks into tears. Tooru shouts a line from a manga about a wandering chef. Minko recognizes it immediately! Minko says the wandering chef character was who inspired her to become a chef. Minko shows Tooru one of the volumes that she has, and they laugh and talk about what happens in the manga. It turns out that Jiroumaru was actually the one that wrote the manga! Enishi then runs past them and says there is a crisis at hand!

Everyone is excited by the influx of new customers, except Sui
Everyone is excited by the influx of new customers, except Sui

Ohana has arrived back at the Kissuiso and is determined to stay until the very end. When walks up to the front desk she hears that the phones are ringing non-stop and everyone is either busy answering phones or having instructions given to them about customers. Takako arrives soon after and shows them that the Kissuiso got the front page of a magazine and got an amazing review. Sui seems troubled by this, and it is implied that Satsuki wrote the review. Everyone seems excited to keep the Kissuiso going, but Sui puts her hand down and restates that the Kissuiso will shut down after the Bonbori festival, and tells the staff not to accept any more reservations. Enishi asks Sui to stop being selfish, but Sui doesn't reply to this.

Nako, Ohana and Minko are bathing together. They talk about what just happened and how everyone wants to stay at the Kissuiso. Just then Sui walks in and proceeds to wash herself, everyone is scared. Sui bathes at lightning speed and tidies up the room then leaves.

Sui expresses her thoughts
Sui expresses her thoughts

The next day Sui takes Ohana to the cemetery to visit Sui's husband's grave. Enishi wants to show Sui that the Kissuiso can run without her orders and takes another reservation. Enishi also calls Satsuki to thank her. He says he will work to no longer be in her shadow. Sui doesn't want everyone to be burdened by her and her husband's dreams, and wants them to start from nothing. Ohana refuses saying they all want to work at the Kissuiso. Just then Sui collapses.

The Kissuiso staff seem unmoved
The Kissuiso staff seem unmoved

Sui explains that since Enishi isn't cut out to run an Inn, he won't be happy and the workers won't be happy. So at the least she wants everyone to be free from that. When Sui and Ohana return to the Kissuiso they see the board of representatives for Inns in the region gathered there. They are angry that no one has been sent to help with preparing the Bonbori festival. Sui orders Ohana to go help. All the staff seem angry but unable to say anything, because they have so many reservations to take care of.

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Masahiro Ando Director A japanes animator/director who has worked in popular shows including Canaan, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Mari Okada Series Composition
Toshiya Shinohara Episode Director
Kanami Sekiguchi Character Artist/Designer
Shiro Hamaguchi Music Shiro Hamaguchi has created music for multiple anime series.


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