Sugar Sugar Rune

Sugar Sugar Rune is an anime series in the Sugar Sugar Rune franchise
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Chocola and Vanilla are two witches competing for the throne of the Magical World. The winner is to capture as many hearts as possible, but the task isn't as easy for Chocola. Chocola's brute and aggressive attitude is less charismatic in the Human World - where their examination is.

Chocola Meilleur and Vanilla "Ice" Mieux (no, really) are two sorceresses from the Magical Realm, each charged with the mission of collecting as much love as possible from the humans they meet, in the form of crystallized hearts that symbolize warm feelings. At stake is the throne of the Magical Realm itself, with the sweet-natured, mild-mannered Vanilla seemingly gaining much more human attention than the plucky redhead Chocola. In other words, another magical girl show revisiting the well-trodden ground of Little Witch Sally, although this one appears to have fast-tracked into production thanks to its familial connections-the "original" manga serialized in Nakayoshi magazine was created by Moyoko Anno, the wife of Evangelion-director Hideaki Anno, who guests as an animation director on the opening sequence here. Chocola seems to have gained her name from the Japanese spelling of the French movie Chocolat (2000), which has a silent "t," and is hence no relation to Chocula in Don Dracula. Compare to Bewitched Agnès, one of many magical-girl shows with which Sugar Sugar Rune shared the airwaves in its year of broadcast. The series runs for 52 episodes.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Yukihiro Matsushita

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General Information Edit
Name Sugar Sugar Rune
Name: シュガシュガルーン
Romaji: Sugar Rune
Publisher ?
Start Year 2005
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