Succubus Characters

Succubus is a anime/manga concept
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A Hinoenma/Succubus that tried to kill Yuto Amakawa.

Ageha Kurono

Kurumu's mother who once attended Yokai Academy with Mizore's Mother Tsurara. She and Tsurara hold a grudge against one another due to having a crush on the same guy when they were in school.

Astarotte Ygvar

A young princess succubus who, at the age of 10, must start her own harem.


One of the main characters of the "Viper GTS" hentai series. Carrera is a voluptuous, hypersexual succubus best known for her love of sex, but also the quality and abundance of the souls she captures, when she doesn't even try, something that leads to an enmity between her and Mercedes.


Enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the anime series


lesser demon Elyse from the series My Balls!


A demon that serves Laharl along with Flonne in his journey to reclaim the demon overlord throne

Eve Tsubaki'in

Aki's beautiful fiancee

Irene the Succubus

Kurumu Kuruno

Kurumu is a Succubus attending the Yokai Academy, first she tried to use her powers to charm all the boys at school. But after she fell in love with Tsukune she gave up all that and now only uses her Physic and charm to try to make him hers.

Lady Emanniel

Queen of Terror


A Succubus Demon Familiar with the ability to manipulate dreams, she was created by infusing the soul of a deceased human girl into the body of a cat.


One of the Seven Great Demon Lords who represents Lust. In Digimon Xros wars she is one of the three generals of the Bagura Empire.

Mari Setogaya

Mari Setogaya is a vampire/succubus hybrid who needs human fluids, unfortunately she doesn't like the taste of blood...

Maria Naruse

Maria Naruse is a succubus who acts as Mio's sister.

Mayu Tsukimura

Mayu Tsukimura is a succubus who fears men.


One of the three succubus of Viper GTS, she is jealous of her partner Carerra, as she gets better souls than Mercedes, but doesn't even try.

Mercelída Ygvar

Mercelída Ygvar is the mother of Lotte and Asuha.

Morrigan Aensland

A Succubus from the Darkstalkers series

Porno Diane

A succube and demoness princess of hell. She's a devoted followers of satan.


One of the supporting characters in the "Viper GTS" hentai series, Rati is characterized as the youthful succubus, as she has the look of a girl as well as the personality and lack of significant power

Sayoko Saeki

The sex craving succubus heroine in immorality


A paizuri loving succubus from Kyonyuu Fantasy.


A sex loving succubus from the Brandish franchise.

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