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A soulstealing demon that takes the form of a beautifull woman in order to seduce men and women so that they can take them and feed on them. The male verision of this demon is known as "Incubus".

The succubi mainly targeted people of some holy order, such as priests, monks, knights and paladins in order to corrupt the souls of these men before taking it, but the can also settle with common people. They mostly appear during night when someone is alone in a bedroom, but sometimes they can even appear in ones dreams. While some succubi are beautiful by nature, some have an uglier, horrid, disgusting and vile "true form" that they hide with magic in order to not be caught (or to scare away the pray). It is also common that the succubi is made from nothing but a swarm of bats ( however, it is more common that only the clothing is made out of bats ). Some succubi can also change appearance in order to fit a certain individuals taste. For example: If the targeted man is into blondes and women with medium-sized breasts, then the succubus will simply change her appearance for that very individual until she is done with him/her. Some of them can also make more extreme make-overs, such as adding tentacles or male genitalia to them selves for a period of time.
If good looks won't be enough to capture a will strong man, the can use mind-manipulating tricks in order to get what they want. And if that doesn't work, there is always the chance that they might simply rape the victim or simply devour his/her soul/blood without having any sexual activity involved. 
It is still unclear how the puberty of the succubi goes due to the fact that there is very little proof to how a succubus grows from being a child and into an adult. Some claim that they are manifestations of Satan's unending lust and are therefore always adult, yet this idea does not explain the rare occasions of succubi who appear to be underage (unless Satan is in to that kind of thing as well). Another theory is that they are given birth in the same way as humans only that they mature at an extraordinary rate in comparison to the regular human. Another well-known theory suggests that they are asexual and can reproduce at will. Some say that they are in need of human seed in order to reproduce, thus giving them another reason to hunt. There is also one famous theory of the succubi that claims that they are simply female vampires who were given the rare power to seduce almost any man/woman and use this ability as a method of hunting blood or souls instead of simply sneaking up on an unknowing target. Another theory on succubi reproduction is that they are unable to reproduce with their own kind so they have to gather human seed when they are in a female form and stores that seed so that they can impregnate a human female with the now corrupted seed.
To slay a succubus might be hard if one is not properly armed or if they are not strong in mind. Not only is the mind-manipulating powers, horrifying spells, athletic build along with inhuman strengh and speed of the Succubi a great problem for many demon hunters, but the fact that their weaknesses and strengths can vary so greatly makes it difficult to find the proper hunter or the proper weapons. Some succubi share many weaknesses with vampires such as a great sensitivity of sunlight as well as silver, crosses and garlic, but some succubi doesn't seem to be affected by these things at all. Some succubi must spend a lot of time to have someone under her will wile some can simply be looked upon in order to be hopelessly enchanted by them. Swarms of bats are a common weapon of the succubi and sometimes these swarms can turn into any kind of weapon. Not even swords, axes, guns or cannons are out of option for these swarms. Despite all of this, most succubi tends to stay away from combat as long as possible since many of them are inexperienced in combat and would probably die at the hands of most demon hunters if they should not use any form of mind-manipulation or seduction. 
One common way of luring a succubus into a trap is to find one of her prays and wait untill she appears to have her way with him/her, but since many victims of the succubi refuses to admit that they have a sexual relation to these demons ( due to the fact that the victim may have fallen in love with the succubi, wich is common ), it can be hard to find a victim willing to cooperate. Some victims may even betray the demon hunter in order to protect the demon. Some of these victims will even follow the succubi to death, thereby alowing the succubi to reanimate victims from the past. Those victims who have been freed from the control of the succubi will sometimes feel a great, heartbreaking sadness that the demonic lover won't return.
There is a male version of these demons that goes by the name of "Incubus". They are rare compared to the succubi and it is not clear if they are stronger or weaker than the female counterpart. Some Succubi even has the ability to transform into both male and female, which makes finding a real incubus even harder. The incubi mostly targets nuns but can also target homosexualls and common females if they are in need of it. 
Some famous Succubi in anime and manga includes Carrerra from Viper GTS, Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers and Kurumu Kuruno from Rosario Vampire.
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Concept Name Succubus
Japanese Name: サキュバス
Romaji Name: sakubasu
Aliases succubi
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