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Style (Medaka Box) is a anime/manga concept
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Communication based abilities invented by Dr. Fukurou Tsurubami with the purpose to fight on par with skill users.


Styles achieve their effects through manipulating of Japanese language. Styles are meant to be drawn from understanding the feeling of others and are therefore useless against targets who become frenzied. Stylist or Language Users are able to transfer their styles temporarily to other people. All Language Users have tattoos on their tongues in kanji related to the type of style they use. If the user has multiple styles the tattoo changes depending on the style. Skilled Language Users can manipulate vibrations in order to continue blood flow if their hearts somehow manages to get destroyed.

List of Styles

Most Language Users are women of the Kurokami Branch families that were trained by Dr. Fukurou. The exception is Kamome Tsurubami who developed his own separately.

Namanie Nienami
Fukurou Tsurubami
Zenkichi Hitoyoshi(Temporary)
Contradictory Conjunction User逆 Reverse or
Uses the word "therefore" to materialize the lowest possible outcome or make the impossible possible.ex My opponent is strong. Therefore, I can win or This is a huge resilient object. Therefore, I can cut it.
Kakegae Yuzuriha
Fukurou Tsurubami
Eight Hundred Lies User LieThe user can create 800 copies of themselves. The copies can also create 800 copies for a total of 640,000 copies. The copies will not disappear if the original is hit.
Sui Kanaino
Fukurou Tsurubami
Kanji User First character in Kanji(漢字)Allows the user to rearrange and combine kanji to create and materialize new meanings. ex Throwing a single rock(石) at the skin(皮) causes a tear(破).
Momo Momozono
Fukurou Tsurubami
Label User Name(also the first character in noun 名詞)The user can seal up to five people into name cards. The targets are removed from the range of skills and unaffected by skills until they are released. Targets can eventually escape but the amount of time it takes depends on the individual.
Kakegae Yuzuriha
Fukurou Tsurubami
Metonymy User MetaphorGives the user the ability to "rephrase" or take the concept of oneself and replace it with a concept of similar attributes.ex It can allow the user to transform into someone and use their abilities.
Mogura Kugurugi
Fukurou Tsurubami
Misconversion User Mistake or
Allows the user to convert from hiragana to kanji incorrectly like an old computer. ex If an opponent tries to attack or confront (迎え撃つ mukaeutsu) the user, it reduces their attack to nothing (無変え写 mukaeutsu).
Joutou Kotobuki
Fukurou Tsurubami
Nursery Rhyme User Childhood or
Allows the user to manipulate nursery rhymes to gradually revert there target to a younger form in a certain range. The target does not need to hear it as it travels at an infrasonic sound level. The user must be able to sing for the style to work.
Kamome TsurubamiProvocations User ChallengeAllows the user to snatch away the composure from their targets.
Fukurou TsurubamiTestament User To leave behind or
To bequeath
Causes the moon to fall down on the Earth when the user dies.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Style (Medaka Box)
Japanese Name: 言葉
Romaji Name: Sutairu
1st manga book: Medaka Box #17
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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