Pixar <3 Ghibli, Ghibli <3 Pixar

Topic started by John_Martone on Dec. 28, 2009. Last post by CheriPai 5 years, 3 months ago.
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Okay, we all know that Ghibli and Pixar go together like toast and jam, but exactly is that? This feature hopes to explore that. The Studios as a whole seem to be quite fond of each other, but Pixar's John Lasseter and Miyazaki seem to be part time pen pals, some times secret santas. In the video you can even see the 50 Makkuro Kurosuke he sent Lasseter on his 50th birthday. I want a birthday present from grandpa Miyazaki!
Oh well, gleam what you can from the video. The later half seems to be focused on comparing the differences in how the studios operate, but one could only wonder what  if they worked together...
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but one could only wonder what if they worked together...

    It could be to much of a good thing. You put those studios together and the results could be dangerously entertaining.
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Totoro, Sully and Mike together in the same picture. Beautiful. What would be the result of a Ghibili/Pixar collab? Besides epic awesomeness...I guess there will be some interesting cameos soon.
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One could only imagine what a group effort would bring. We could assume it would be great; but the way each animation studio is run could cause the most friction (mostly how the corporate sides are ran, but I bet things could be work out). I would love to see what bring tougher of Eastern and Western styles would bring.
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I love them both. I like to see them to work on something together. 
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Two very great men, I love and respect their work. If we got to see a collaborated work it would very interesting, I would see it in a heart beat!
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A Pixar/Ghibli combination would be amazing! 
Disney could just do what they did with Marvel and buy Ghibli
Post by CheriPai (3 posts) See mini bio Level 1
OMG! It's a Japanese Colonel Sanders!!!
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