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Nanako Mizuki

Nanako Mizuki is a high-school student at Musashino Public High School. She is the first troubled student that Onizuka helps on his path to greatness.


A second year student at Ishiyama High who's always eager to fight Oga whenever he's got the chance.

Adele Balfette

Adele Balfette, a Class-3 Plum student of Musashi Ariadust Academy.

Ageha Matsui

Ageha Matsui is the #44 Attacker of Choran Girls' Academy Lacrosse Team.

Ageha Yoshina

The protagonist of Psyren. He's a high schooler who will do anything for 10,000 yen, and ends up being pulled into a game to fight for survival and begins to develop psychic powers as a result.

Ai Aihara

A member of the Futa Club.

Ai Ebihara

Manager of the sports team at Inaba High. She's a stuck up rich girl with a secret crush.

Ai Fuyuumi


Ai Hoshimiya

Ai Hoshimiya is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Ai Nanasaki

One of the main heroines of Amagami and a member of the girl's swim team. Ai is usually quiet, calm and collected. She is somewhat mature for her age.

Aika Hayakawa

Tsubaki's middle school crush.

Aika Nakamura

Aika Nakamura is a student from Yasogami High that works at Aiya as a waitress.

Akane Isshiki

Akane is the granddaughter of the creator of the Vivid System and is the first person to use it.

Akane Niimura

A normal girl who joins the Futa Club.

Akane Ochi

One of the main characters in the hentai.

Akeno Shiranui

Akeno Shiranui is the mermaid examiner who comes to Isono Junior High School. Her job is to test if a mermaid can blend in with society.


A Character of the hentai G Spot Express

Akira Amatsume

Akira lives alone at a sacred Shinto Shrine, her half-sister has been looking after her since her foster father passed away.

Akira Kaburagi

He is a werewolf, thus a member of the Earth Clan which protects the Tepes vampire family. He is the personal guardian and lover of Queen Mina Tepes.

Akira Mimasaka

Akira Nishimura

Akira Nishimura is the busty member of the trio that torments Ryu Ogura. She's the class president with a secret perverse side and skilled with technology.

Akira Sako

Akira SakĊ is a tomboy in the boxing club who's always wanted to be a boy, and she's the heiress of prestigious family.

Akira Takano

The Quiet and Smart One in Tenma's Circle of Friends

Akira Tanaka

Akira Tsubaki

Main male character of the series, an average boy who shares a bond with Urabe Mikoto.

Akise Aru

A boy genius who wants to become a great detective. He somehow ends up getting involved of Diary Game, which pique his interest to learn the truth behind everything. As his investigation went on he discovers truths more than he bargained for.

Akito Takagi

Akito is a gifted man who had decided to turn away from academic success in order to pursue his dream of becoming a manga writer. Along with his friend and artist Mashiro he has formed the team of Ashirogi Muto and become one of the best selling mangakas out there.

Akitoshi Daimon

He is also known as Enigman who is a member of the quiz club in the Sket Dance franchise.

Alexander Nikolaevich Hell

Aleksandr (a.k.a. "Martyr Sasha") is the girlish-looking Qwaser of Iron who has been chosen by the Eastern Orthodox Church to hunt down the heretic qwasers. After witnessing the murder of his sister Olja at the hands of the Golden Qwaser, he was left with a scar down his left eye that is shaped like an Eastern Cross.


Ami is a Ninja Academy student from the Hidden Leaf Village is a student who used to tease Sakura Haruno in school.

Ami Eun

A shy and quiet senior student of Arim High who is a friend of Ji-Soo, she often reads yaoi manga.

Ami Jizou

Ami Jizou is a shy and aloof student of Otogi Academy. She fell in love with Jin Hanasaki after an act of kindness.

Ange Ushiromiya

Battler's half sister.

Anri Sogahara

Takumi's friend and pre-genderbend crush. She teaches Takumi about womanhood after the transformation.

Anya Cocolova

Negi's childhood friend and a witch on her own path to the title of Magister Magi. Sent to London as a fortune teller.

Anzu Hikasa

Anzu Hikasa is the #23 Defender of Choran Girls' Academy Lacrosse Team.

Anzu Mazaki

The childhood friend of Yugi who gives friendship speeches to the group.

Aoi Kunieda

A junior student from Ishiyama High and the previous leader of the Red Tails, as well as the second strongest Tohoshinki. She also has a crush on Oga but doesn't admit it.

Aoi Mutou

April Lambert

April Lambert is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Arashi Nikaidou

A third year at Saint Liliana High School and the President of the Student Council.

Arisa Kanou

Arisa Kanou is Hime's first friend in Tokyo.

Asami Hoshino

A second year student that quickly becomes friends with Sana Hidaka.

Asta Alhanko

Asta Alhanko is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Asuka Kazama

Asuka is a teenaged martial artist who seeks peace and Justice in ways that are quite often foolish. In 2009, Ultra Jump began a manga based on the Tekken franchise with Asuka as the lead character.

Asuka Tenjouin

Asuka Tenjouin is the Queen of Obelisk Blue. Despite this she is good friends Judai and Sho and assists them in most of the threats that Duel Academy suffers.

Asuka Touma

The younger sister of Ryuuji, Asuka can usually be found in the company of her boyfriend. It may not look like it at first glance, but she is just as sexually active as her older brother, constantly sleeping with her boyfriend whenever she craves sex.

Atsushi Otani

Otani is one of the main characters in the Anime/Manga/Drama Lovely Complex.

Attia Simmons

The sixth-ranked strongest third-year student from Romania who is known as the Manipulative Schemer.

Avril Bradley

A foreign Exchange Student from Britan, and Kazuya's best friend other than Victorique.

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