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A tall nurse who works for Menou


A Pillar of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division who lost her match against Aoi Kunieda.

Aika Sumeragi

A beautiful woman skilled in combat and many weapons. She works as a salvager and sometimes takes on missions such as espionage.


Ain is a member of the pirate crew of Z in the New World.

Akeno Himejima

Akeno is the second-in-command of the Gremory clan and the vice president of the Occult Research Club. She is known as the "Priestess of Thunder"

Akira Kandori

An antagonist character in the Natsuki Crisis OAV

Akira Sako

Akira Sakō is a tomboy in the boxing club who's always wanted to be a boy, and she's the heiress of prestigious family.


Alita's hibernating core was found in a scrapyard by Dr. Ido. Having forgotten all of her past, there is only one thing she clings to: her deadly fighting instinct, Panzer Kunst - a lost and powerful fighting style for Cyborgs. She fights to find her past and forge her future.

Alita Forland


The Princess of Planet Arus, who later pilots the Blue Lion after Sven was badly injured. She has recently stepped down from the Voltron Force to serve as Queen of Arus, her niece Larmina replaced her as the Blue Lion pilot.


Beautiful and deadly leader of a terrorist organization called Snake, the main rival of Canaan after killing her mentor. She claims her biggest strength is not giving in to emotional impulses like Canaan.


Anarista was princess Menace's personal trainer and confidant. However she was actually a spy working for the Sadler Kingdom. Her betrayal caused the conquest of Amara by the hands of the Sadler nation and Menace's demise and death.

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova

The youngest daughter of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II. Anastasia and her family were shot by a Bolshevik firing squad when Anastasia was seventeen. Now she has the supernatural ability to create blizzards.

Android 18

Android 18 is one of the androids created by Dr. Gero designed to kill Goku. Eventually she sided with the good guys and married Krillin.


A former member of the Knights of Margrave Kreutz, and now leader of the rebellion against the queen.

Annie Leonhardt

Annie Leonhardt is a character in the Attack on Titan franchise.

Aoi Kunieda

A junior student from Ishiyama High and the previous leader of the Red Tails, as well as the second strongest Tohoshinki. She also has a crush on Oga but doesn't admit it.


Asuna is a young girl who is skilled with the sword, and she is Kirito's 2nd partner in Sword Art Online.

Aya Iseshima

The main protagonist of Master of Martial Hearts (Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart). Aya is a high school junior and excels greatly in martial arts, though she tries to keep the fact that she's a good fighter a secret.

Baby 5

Baby 5 is a member of Don Quixote Family who ate the Arms-Arms Fruit.


Ex-Soviet Airborne Captain. She now leads the Hotel Moscow mafia in Roanapur. She's a strong business woman who runs her organization with military efficiency and ruthlessness.


Bayonetta is the main protagonist of Bayonetta: Bloody Fate. She is a powerful witch that fights using magic spells, various weapons, and her hair.

Beauty Panther

She is Tomoe Sumeragi's mother in Ring X Mama.

Biscuit Krueger

Character in Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island and GI Final. Gon and Killua's master inside Greed Island.


Black★RockShooter is a character designed by artist 'huke' who is receiving an anime adaptation of the same name. She made her debut with a Hatsune Miku AMV collaboration between 'supercell' and 'huke' which created a misunderstanding for many fans that she is Hatsune Miku herself - but she is not. In many illusrations she is depicted with her katana named 'Black Blade' and her arm cannon 'Rock Shooter'.

Botan Tsukishima

Botan Tsukishima is a transfer student at Saotome High. She was sent by Sakura Gettous to observe her granddaughter, Motoko Gettou.


A baobhan sith who infiltrated Hellsing HQ as Integra's sister.

Cagalli Yula Athha

Cagalli is the fraternal twin sister of Kira Yamato and the Princess of the Orb Union.


A mercenary with the power of "Synesthesia" who was raised by a kind soldier named Siam. Her only real friend is Maria.


Catherine is the Squad Commander bodyguard for the Serenity royal family.

Catherine Elle Armstrong

Catherine Elle Armstrong is the fifth and youngest child of the Armstrong Family. Despite her small stature and innocent appearance, she is incredible strong.


Cattleya appeared in the sixth series of Queen's Blade. She became a blacksmith along with her husband, Owen. After his disappearance, she travels to look for him with their son, Rana


A tall strong woman, Souma's mother and one of Adder servants. She is capable of transforming into a butterfly, and possesses an empathy with those insects. She can also turn humans to stone temporarily.

Chikage Hizaki

Chikage Hizaki is an arsonist killer as part of another secret organization.

Choi Dal Dal

Choi Dal Dal is a cute and bubbly girl, an S-Class Wild's High School second year student and the president of the Taekwondo club in Wild's High. Dal-dal wears tiger ears.

Chun Li

Chun-Li is a character from the Street Fighter II universe.


Clare is the protagonist of the manga / anime Claymore. Though ranked as Claymore #47 (the lowest rank, and viewed as the weakest Claymore by her peers) she is actually extremely powerful.


Known as the Lightning General.


She is a very strong legendary senior ninja. What makes her legendary is the fact that she repeated her class multiple times.

Deunan Knute

Deunan is a highly trained and highly skilled soldier. She is versed in various forms of combat including Landmate operations.


A Young woman with long-black hair. Apparently at odds with Murasaki, she is responsible for the Offscourings, an opposing force similar in origin to the Drifters

Elle Ragu

The 59th Sevaar of Kuruda.

Ema Skye

Ema Skye is a hopeful scientific investigator and went to school to bring her skills in forensics to help the truth.

Erza Knightwalker

Erza Scarlet's dimensional counterpart from Edolas. Unlike her Earth Land counterpart, Edolas Erza is sadistic, and cruel. She has also killed many of the Edolas Fairy Tail members earning her the title "Erza the Fairy Hunter".

Erza Scarlet

Erza is a powerful S-Class mage and one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. She's part of Team Natsu and uses Requip magic to change into different suits of armor, each with it's own unique properties.


A sadistic general who serves as one of Akame Ga Kill!s primary adversaries.

Franziska von Karma

Franziska von Karma is the whip-wielding prosecutor who's the daughter of Manfred von Karma, and rival to Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth.


Fūka is a Kunoichi that appear in Filler Arc in Naruto Shippuden. She was one of the Group of Grave robbers that dug up four dead bodies.

Futaba Aoki

The current president of the Health Committee at Matabi Academy, Aoki is not much of a people person and tends to keep to herself. She is the owner of her cat Gekko and can control the shadows of her cat with her abilities in order to gain the advantage when the need arises.

Golden Darkness

A assassin that was sent to kill Rito by one of Lala's arranged suitors. Eventually she found out she was used and broke the contract with her employer. She said she wasn't finished with Rito but is really using this as a excuse to stay on earth.

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