Striking Underwater

Striking Underwater is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 06/07/2012

Striking Underwater

"Duck has declared martial law on Enoshima and are hunting for Haru and JFX. After a fail attempt by Koko and Haru to stop JFX, Haru becomes the alien villain to save his friends."


Plot Summary

"Aliens and tanks? Cool!"
"Aliens and tanks? Cool!"

Duck has made it their top priority to capture the alien JFX who is using water to mind control humans. Much to the dismay of Enoshima residents, Duck has imposed martial law, insisting that no one drink or touch any water until JFX has been caught. They also carry around hot blow dryers, and wear yellow bulbous rubber suits to combat the effects of water-mind control. Meanwhile at home, Yuki cannot find Haru, Yuki and Kate are both worried because a typhoon is supposed to be coming.

Kate and Yuki under Duck watch
Kate and Yuki under Duck watch

Akira is being pestered about the whereabouts of JF1 (Haru), even though he does not know. Akira tries telling his superior that Haru is not a threat and that they should focus on catching JFX instead, but he doesn't listen. Haru and Coco seem to have come up with a plan on their own on how to deal with JFX, but it involves them not staying at Enoshima. Haru and Coco try fusing and attacking JFX head on, but they are unsuccessful. Haru is now alone.

As the Duck agents come to Kate and Yuki to question them about Haru's whereabouts, Yuki becomes more frustrated. Kate, calm as ever, assures Yuki that if Haru didn't say goodbye then Haru is probably still around somewhere (referring to the promise that Haru made to Kate that he would say good bye before leaving.) Yuki decides to go out and bring Haru back. On his way out Yuki sees Akira. Akira apologizes for hiding his real purpose from Yuki. Akira explains how the situation to Yuki, about the Bermuda Syndrome and how Haru is connected to it. Akira warns Yuki to stay away from Haru because he is being connected and hunted in relation to the incidents with JFX. Yuki doesn't want to believe a word that Akira says.

Natsuki tries calling Yuki
Natsuki tries calling Yuki

Yuki finds Haru. Haru is using his water gun to mind control people into leaving Enoshima, including Yuki, and it seems to be working. The city is being evacuated. When Yuki wakes up he is in on a train to Nagoya. After most of the city is evacuated, Haru stands at the peer where they fished the other day. Haru rememers what Yuki had said that day, "I wish it could stay this way forever. If the world ended tomorrow I know I would be here fishing."

Haru remembers fishing with Yuki and Natsuki
Haru remembers fishing with Yuki and Natsuki

As Yuki and Kate eat dinner at a restaurant, Yuki asks Kate why he allowed Haru to stay with them. Kate says that it is because she loves flowers and Haru was like a blooming flower and she thought that Yuki needed a flower too. Yuki then decides to go back to Enoshima and find Haru, despite it being barricaded by Duck.

Characters & Voice Actors

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